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I’m not sure what Microsoft is up to. Their latest Windows 7 operating system to be launched commercially by the end of this year comes without a native email client as per cnet news.
Update: I bought a Windows 7 based VAIO laptop a couple of weeks back and it has Windows Live Mail preinstalled.

Most XP users who switched to Vista, found Outlook Express missing but were soon content with Windows Mail, the default email program on that operating system. Users also had an option in Windows Live Mail which could be downloaded and installed for free on both Vista and XP computer.

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Some have suggested Windows Live Mail for Windows 7 and I would agree with them because I have been using this program on my Vista computer for many months without any problem.

For those who were looking for Outlook Express on Windows 7, sorry, the program is long dead. It’s been (sort of) replaced by Windows Mail in Vista and then later by Windows Live Mail. FYI, Outlook Express development and supported has been stopped by Microsoft.

So if you are looking for an Outlook Express alternative, I recommend Windows Live Mail (free) or Outlook (costing about 100 dollars). Mozilla’s Thunderbird is an excellent Outlook Express substitute if you want to break out of Microsoft’s shackles. IncrediMail and Yahoo’s free email program, Zimbra desktop, will also work on Windows 7 operating system.

Many popular email programs

To download email and store the messages on your computer, you can choose from many popular email programs – they may look different but have the same basic functionality. Most of the Outlook Express advantages are also available in other email programs – please refer the how to download email software for your computer. FYI, Windows Live Mail is much more than an email and news client because it can also work as a blogging tool and an RSS reader.

To conclude, there is no Outlook Express program for Windows 7… in fact, one couldn’t even install it on Vista. If your Windows 7 computer doesn’t come with an email client (highly unlikely), I suggest you install Windows Live Mail which can be download for free from the Microsoft web site.

Outlook Express Windows 7