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What is Windows Mail?

What is Windows Mail?

Windows Mail is an email program (email client) that lets you to compose, send, receive and manage email accounts and messages. Additionally, it lets you configure news accounts and serves as a news client too.

Windows Mail can be regarded as the new version of Outlook Express because, even though the interface of the two programs is similar, it has with couple of added features including a automated Junk email filter and a quick email search utility. Outlook Express came with Windows 98 and Windows XP – could also be installed with the Internet Explorer browser – while Windows Mail is the default email client for the Vista operating system.

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So how does it work – what is the main function of Windows Mail?

Without getting into the technicalities, Windows Mail lets you configure and set up email and news accounts so that you receive and store emails (and news) on your computer, which means, you are able to view and compose emails even without an Internet connection. However, in order to send out your newly composed emails, you do need to connect to the net. As you will appreciate, this is different from web based email accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo!Mail, wherein you need to have a live net connection in order to access your email messages.

Sending and receiving emails in Windows Mail

Sending and receiving messages in this email client are possible only once you add and setup your email accounts. For step by step instructions with screenshots, please refer the page on setup of email accounts in Windows Mail. You can setup multiple email accounts, which is extremely helpful if you have various email addresses – you would then be able to access messages from different accounts at one place. Windows Mail lets you create stationery and email signatures that can enliven your otherwise drab messages.

Managing emails

Another useful feature of Windows Mail (or any email client worth its salt) is email management. In this email program, you can create several folders and even sub-folders to segregate and organize the messages you receive. Additionally, Windows Mail, just like Outlook Express, offers message rules with which you can indicate what happens to an incoming email message – you can have certain messages moved to specified folders, deleted or replied to all automatically!

Where can you download Windows Mail?

As mentioned above, Windows Mail comes preinstalled with the Windows Vista operating system. I am not sure whether a download link is available because Microsoft has discontinued the development and support for this program. They have, however, released a new email client called Windows Live Mail which is meant to replace the former. You can find tons of help and support for this new program on the web, including this web site – Windows Live Mail help.

Windows Live Mail is much more advanced and offers set-up and configuration of Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo!Mail accounts in addition to your standard POP3 and IMAP accounts. It also features an RSS reader, blogging tool, a photo-email utility that lets you email photographs and pictures (from you digital camera, for instance) without clogging up the inbox of the recipients and much more.

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