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Why is email so hard to get?

Email envelop flying away

Is it really so hard and difficult to get an email account? No. But getting a good username on popular email services may prove to be tough. This post will simplify the process for you. [more...]

15 interesting facts about email

Top 15 facts about email

15 interesting facts every email user should know. Which was the oldest email service? How did the @ symbol come into use in email? Is your email address truly yours? And many more. [more...]

How do I get a URL for myself?

Get a URL for myself - how to

Simple instructions on how to get a URL (domain name) for yourself and how to set up email on it. [more...]

Someone stole my email address

Email address stolen?

Think someone stole your email address? Read more to know about possible solutions and what you can salvage. [more...]

How do I set email priority on AOL?

Set email priority - how to

A simple way to mark email messages as priority on the AOL service. This is quick workaround will help you grab the attention of the recipient. [more...]

How to send email with heart symbols?

Email icon and heart symbols

Easy instructions on how to send an email message with heart symbols. Also listed are various types of heart symbols that you can copy-paste into an email message. [more...]

Where is my email?

Cannot find email? Read for solutions

Cannot find your email? here is what you need to do to get back your account and the messages. [more...]

What is the difference between Outlook and Hotmail?

Difference between Outlook and Hotmail

Understand the difference between Outlook and Hotmail - they are not the same. Outlook is a program while Hotmail (now called Outlook.com) is an online service. [more...]

Advantages of an email address with your name

Advantages of an email with your own name

What are the several advantages of having an email address with your own name? In addition to serving as a vanity plate, it makes it easy for people to remember it. [more...]

How to make an email of my name?

Email address of your name

Quickly learn how to make an email of your name - one which others can quickly identify you with. You can either do this on free email services on purchase your own domain name and set up an account on it. [more...]

Don't believe everything you read on the Internet

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How do I view a deleted web page?
Is there a way to view a deleted web page - one that is no longer available? Yes there is and the solution is quite simple. [more...]


The popular Sudoku involves no mathematics at all. Instead of numbers, shapes, alphabet, colors, symbols etc. can be used. That's the beauty and simplicity of the puzzle! By the way, only 5,472,730,538 Sudoku are solvable. That's a big enough number in itself! Contrary to popular belief stemming probably from it's Japanese sounding name, Sudoku did not originate in Japan! It was created by an American Architect, Howard Garns, who called it Number Place - the Japanese still call it that. On a related note, the credit for popularising Sudoku goes to Wayne Gould, a Hong Kong judge. He spent several years in developing a computer program that would automatically generate these puzzles. Gould also convinced The Times in Britain to publish them. From there, Sudoku quickly reached US shores and spread around the world. [more...]

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