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Advantages of an email address with your name

Advantages of an email with your own name

With millions and millions of Internet users, it is virtually impossible to get good usernames nowadays. Unless your name is uncommon, you won’t find usernames of your name on places like Facebook, Twitter or any of the popular web and email services.

But, as you can understand, a good username is what counts. I’m sure you’ve come across email addresses with digits (typically revealing the age of the user, LOL). In my opinion, these are the worst of the lot. They show no creativity and are just complicated.

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In another article, I provided detailed advice and tips on how to make an email address of your name. On this page we will look at some of the advantages of such an address.

Before we start, please note that services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail (now Outlook.com) and AOL offer free email accounts. You can probably find an email address of your name on one of these services. However, with millions of users, the chances of that happening are slim. A nice option is to get a domain name and set up an email address on it.

You see, with domain names there is a lot more of choice. Even if the dot-com is unavailable, you can pick up other great extensions like .name, .me, .guru and many many more.

What are the advantages of an email address of your name?

If you think about it, an email address is way more than just an address. It’s your online identity! Here are a few advantages I came up with. Let me know what you think by posting a comment below.

  • The Vanity plate ego booster
    The biggest advantage of an email address with your name is that it is quite like a vanity plate. It boosts your ego. This is especially true, if the address is on your personal domain name!
  • Easy to recall
    It goes without saying that if your name appears in the email address, it would be easy to recall. And, again, if it’s on your own domain name, nothing like it.
  • That special touch
    A personalised email address doesn’t look generic. And you’ll agree that it adds a special touch. Also, it would be apt if you’re planning to market yourself (come to think of it, we all do that, don’t we?).
  • No constraints of space
    All free email services provide limited storage space on email accounts. Yahoo! at one time started offering unlimited space but soon gave up and limited it to 1TB. Though you can purchase more storage space on these services, email accounts on your own domain names are limited only by the amount offered by the hosting company. And here too you have a choice because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of hosting companies vying for your purchase.
  • Multiple email addresses
    You have the option of creating more than one email address on your own domain name. This means you can use one for personal communication and set up another for business.
  • Email address that last a lifetime
    Lastly, the biggest advantage of making an email address on a personalised domain name is that it will last a lifetime. You see, domain name aren’t going anywhere in the near future. As long as you keep renewing the name, it will continue to be with you. And if the present web host closes down, shift to another. This means your email address will last lifetime! This may not be the case with online services. If the profits drop, they may shut shop. And this happens more often that you think.

Take a look at www.GoDaddy.com (presently the world’s largest domain name registrar) or 1&1 E-Mail. These two domain name sellers offer top-notch services at unbeatable prices. In addition to plans for email addresses, you can also set up a web site on your domain name fairly quickly.

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