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How do I get a URL for myself?

Get a URL for myself - how to

Simple instructions on how to get a URL (domain name) for yourself and how to set up email on it. [more...]

Important milestones of the World Wide Web (WWW)

Important milestones of the World Wide Web

The most important milestones of the WWW (World Wide Web) from inception to how it is being used today. [more...]

Difference between domain name and URL

Domain name and URL differences

What is the difference between a domain name and a URL? Though used interchangeably, they are certainly not the same thing. Understand the distinction between the two in plain english. [more...]

How to make an email of my name?

Email address of your name

Quickly learn how to make an email of your name - one which others can quickly identify you with. You can either do this on free email services on purchase your own domain name and set up an account on it. [more...]

What is the difference between web site address and domain name?

Difference between web site address and domain name

What is the difference between a domain name and a web site address? Can the two be used interchangeably always? Yes, but not always! [more...]

World’s first web software

First software of the World Wide Web

The world's first web software was the WorldWideWeb browser and the CERN HTTP server developed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee at CERN. [more...]

What’s the difference between the web and the Internet?

Difference between the Internet and www

List of the important differences between the Internet and the world wide web. Also included are briefs on this history of the two networks. [more...]

What is a search engine?

Internet search engine

Definition of search engine - Internet or web search engine - its usefulness and importance for locating information with a special emphasis on Google search engine. [more...]

Is a web page a program?

Is a web page a program?

Is a web page a program? Is it created with a programming language? Detailed answers to seemingly simple and basic questions. [more...]

What is an HTML editor?

What is an HTML editor?

What is an HTML editor and what is its use? Definition and download links to free HTML editors for Windows operating system. [more...]

What is a Blog?

What is a blog web site?

What is a Blog? Definition and a brief description of a blog and how to create one in a few minutes. [more...]

What is POP?

What is POP/POP3 - Post Office Protocol?

The definition of POP, Post Office Protocol, also known as POP3. What is its function and how is it used with email accounts? [more...]

Why we hate Internet Explorer?

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How do I view a deleted web page?
Is there a way to view a deleted web page - one that is no longer available? Yes there is and the solution is quite simple. [more...]


During development, Netscape Navigator browser was known as Mozilla. It stood for "Mosaic-Killer". That's because Netscape was being developed by the creators of NCSA Mosaic, the browser that popularised the web. NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications) considered Mosaic their property and didn't appreciate the idea of the original programmers leaving their organisation to join/found a company. Jim Clark, co-founder of Netscape Communications and the main force behind it, made it clear to everyone that Netscape Navigator is to be developed from scratch and not a single line of Mosaic's code is to be used. The Mozilla name has now been taken up by the open source successor of the company. The irony is that Netscape was intended to be free only for non-commercial, academic and non-profit organisations. [more...]

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