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World Wide Web (WWW) logo

Did you know that the World Wide Web has a logo? It was designed by Robert Cailliau and is almost as old as the web. [more...]

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Cognitive Reflection Test - 3 simple questions

Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT) - Are you a genius? Just three simple questions to answer! [more...]

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"The zeal of humans to discover the origins of things that affect their lives is almost frightening."
- Ray Tomlinson Inventor of email, on being repeatedly question about frivolous things on the day he sent the first email message

Quick Fact

In 2008, Microsoft made a move to buy Yahoo! for more than $40 billion. Jerry Yang, the co-founder, quickly rejected the offer stating that it "substantially undervalues" Yahoo! and is not in the interest of its shareholders. As of 2014, the company's revenue was down to $5 billion. [more...]

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