How do I get a URL for myself?

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This may sound like a dumb question and may have a simple answer, but how can I get a URL for myself? And if you can assist me further – how can I get an email on my URL?
Ben Flynn

No question is dumb. Only one that is not asked. Having said that, your first question, based on your second query, is not correctly framed. I think you are confused between a URL and a domain name.

So at the risk of boring you with technical jargon, here is a quick brief on the difference between a URL and a domain name (refer that post for details). The former is simply an address of a file on the Internet while the latter is human-friendly name of a website (generally). Also a URL can contain a domain name.

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From your two questions, I gather that you want a domain name! Something like, right? Additionally, you would also want an email address on that domain name, such as

Getting a domain name is really pretty simple. There are hundreds of companies selling these. And domain names from these domain registrars cost USD 10-15 per year. However, before you can register one, the name has to be available… therefore, not owned by someone else.

Before you rush to purchase a domain name (URL, in your words), here are a few pointers:

An email address on your domain name

Most registrars will also sell one or more email addresses as an add-on to the domain name. This, in my opinion, is the simplest way to get an email address on your domain name without getting into the hassle of web hosting.

So before you make the final purchase of the domain name, check up if the company also offers email addresses and add them to your order. The advantage is that, even though it may cost a tad more than hosting emails at a different company, it will save some time. Everything will be set up quickly and the email accounts would be available almost immediately. Additionally, if you are very new to all this, you’ll be spared of a lot of headache.

Let’s summarise. A URL (which stands for Universal Resource Locator) is an address of a file (resource) on the Internet. A domain name is a human-readable form of an I.P. address (if it is hosted). What you needed is a domain name and not your own URL!

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