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Origin of names of popular fonts

Origin of names of popular fonts

How did some of the popular fonts get their names? Here are some interesting stories of the original of font names. [more...]

Difference between web designer and web developer

Difference between a web designer and a web developer

What's the difference between web designer and web developer? Which one should you pursue and what is the average salary? [more...]

What is Web page heatmap?

What is Web page heatmap?

Definition of web page heatmap, how does it look and how it can help in website design and layout. [more...]

How do I include large files on web pages?

How to include large files on web pages?

How to include large files on your web pages and not forcing visitors to download these. [more...]

What is web site navigation?

What is web site navigation?

Article that details web site navigation and how to correctly create a horizontal and vertical navigation bar for web sites. [more...]

How do I design custom error pages to retain visitors?

How to design custom error pages?

Learn how to create and design custom error pages that let you retain visitors by putting them in the same web site design template, adding the web site navigation menu, a search feature and a polite message. [more...]

Color schemes – how to choose a color scheme for your web site

Choose color scheme for your web site

Free color schemes for download and use. Learn how to choose color schemes for web pages to create a visually appealing web site. [more...]

Screen resolution usage statistics – 800×600 monitors

Screen resolution usage statistics

The usage statistics of popular screen resolution - 800x600 pixels. Are web surfers still using this screen resolution? [more...]

Web page width – how wide can a web page be?

Web page width - how wide can a web page be?

A discussion on the ideal width for a web page. Can web pages be really wide especially when the usage of high screen resolution monitors is common? [more...]

List of html colour names and hexadecimal codes

Lit of HTML color names and their hexadecimal codes

A thorough list of HTML colour names with their corresponding hexadecimal codes. [more...]

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How do I view a deleted web page?
Is there a way to view a deleted web page - one that is no longer available? Yes there is and the solution is quite simple. [more...]


During development, Netscape Navigator browser was known as Mozilla. It stood for "Mosaic-Killer". That's because Netscape was being developed by the creators of NCSA Mosaic, the browser that popularised the web. NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications) considered Mosaic their property and didn't appreciate the idea of the original programmers leaving their organisation to join/found a company. Jim Clark, co-founder of Netscape Communications and the main force behind it, made it clear to everyone that Netscape Navigator is to be developed from scratch and not a single line of Mosaic's code is to be used. The Mozilla name has now been taken up by the open source successor of the company. The irony is that Netscape was intended to be free only for non-commercial, academic and non-profit organisations. [more...]

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