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Get unlimited storage email account… and its free!

Get unlimited storage email account… and its free!

Earlier this year (2008), Yahoo! announced unlimited storage on all email accounts. The previous inbox space was 1GB. This offer was to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the popular online portal. The unlimited storage was coupled with a new and slicker version of Yahoo! Mail featuring an easy-to-use interface with drag-n-drop functionality.

Not to be outdone, other online email services threw away the shackles and started to provide unlimited storage – here are some of the popular ones.

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List of online services offering unlimited email storage

Yahoo! Mail – the one who started it all

Yahoo! Mail logoUnlimited storage space on Yahoo! Mail accounts was an anniversary offer.

Windows Live Hotmail

Windows Live Hotmail - free emailAll free Hotmail email accounts now come with unlimited storage and a 25MB attachment size. The actual space is 5GB that ‘grows with you’, which probably means that it increases with usage.


Mail2World logoLarge email attachments, email-2-sms alerts, 2000 domain names, full spam and virus protection in addition to unlimited storage.

AOL Mail

AOL Mail logoFree email account with unlimited storage space from this popular online service.


Mail.com logoMail.com is unique in the sense that it lets you choose from more than 200 domain names for your email address. In additional to limitless space for messages, the service also gives 2GB for file storage.

Alternate Fuse

Alternate Fuse logoGreat service with excellent features on webmail. You also get a Calendar, file storage, news, widgets and much more.


Rediff.com email serviceRediffmail, a popular service from India, offers both free and paid (with POP3 access) accounts. It’s part of the Rediff.com network, probably one of the first Indian portals.


Sify email serviceOne of the first Internet Service Providers in India has ramped up it’s email service with some great features and an unrestricted use of server space.


India.com email serviceGreat for the citizens of India who can get an email address ending in the domain india.com. The service lets you access the account through both POP3 and IMAP protocols in addition to a webmail interface.


@MAIL.RU logoPopular Russian portal which also offers free email accounts with POP3 access. Both the site and email service are in the Russian language.


Mymailshare logoUnfortunately, to get an account on this service one needs an invite which you can request for on the homepage.

Unlimited storage in a limited world

There is obviously no such thing as unlimited space. After all, if you combine all the hard drives in the world, you will arrive at a real number. Does this mean that the above listed companies are lying? Yes and No! Here is what I think. Unlimited storage email account has a better ring to it than 10 Gb or some other figure. Yes, it definitely sounds much better. Additionally, I don’t think anyone would be able to use this limitless storage as it would require an infinite period of time, right?

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