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This used to be super simple. Now I just don’t know where my email is? How can I get it back? Please help this is urgent.
Leslie Smith

These are some of the most frequently asked questions I receive. Based on the feedback I’ve got over the years, people seem to “lose” their email accounts all of a sudden. And it generally happens to users who are new to Internet or not well-versed with technology. But that’s fine. We all were new to something once and not all of us find it easy to embrace change. That’s human nature. Fear not, you can quickly find where your email account is.

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Please understand that I really do want to help you, and that can only happen with a calm and clear mind. Fretting over the issue and getting annoyed at customer representatives or at the company’s online help section is not going to solve anything. We first need to understand how you used to access email. Here are the possibilities and the solutions.

Please understand that there are several ways email can be accessed using tens of different programs. Only you know exactly how email was set up on the computer and only you can troubleshoot this issue correctly.

The list above is based on the different scenarios I’ve come across and may not be complete. If you can’t find a solution to your problem, please do let me know how and where you used to access the email account and I would include it for the benefit of others.

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