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Windows Live Mail – The latest free email client from Microsoft

Windows Live Mail logoThe latest email client from Microsoft’s stable is called Windows Live Mail. It’s a free download and can be installed in a few minutes on computers running either Vista or the XP operating system. Windows Live Mail includes many features not found in Windows Mail and Outlook Express including multiple account setup, configuration of Gmail and Hotmail. It also includes a RSS reader, a blogging tool, an automated junk email filter, a photo email utility to send email with large photo attachments.
Windows Live mail help

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Windows Mail – The default email program on Vista

Windows Mail Vista logoWindows Vista users were surprised to find Windows Mail as the default email client instead of Outlook Express. However, the two programs are quite similar – I like to think Windows Mail as Outlook Express new version – similar interface, layout and functionality. Unfortunately, Microsoft has stopped the development and support for Windows Mail. They now urge you to download Windows Live Mail – maybe you should think of how to uninstall Windows Mail. Any way, whether you consider Windows Mail as Outlook Express 7 or a completely different email client, is pointless as both these email programs are outdated.
Windows Mail help and tips – default email program on Vista

Microsoft Outlook Express – email software

Outlook Express logoMicrosoft Outlook Express would definitely be the most popular email client software in the world because it is supplied free with the Windows operating system (the most popular operating system). Outlook Express is a small and mean email client software and does its job well. I have been using Outlook Express on my Windows systems for a long time now and am quite a satisfied – I have no complaints that is. However, there are certain aspects where I would like to see an improvement – Searching and tagging emails functionality should definitely be better. I have extensive articles on Outlook Express if you want to get the maximum out of this software.
Download and install Microsoft Outlook Express

Microsoft Outlook 2010 – feature-rich email software

Outlook logoIt is the big brother of Outlook Express and comes bundled with the Microsoft Office Suite. According to its web site, Office Outlook 2010 is for anyone who needs a solution to manage their time and information. It is a fully-loaded email client software with calendars, task managers and schedulers and so it is well suited for business and high-end users. Outlook costs about $140.
Outlook – Powerful email software from Microsoft

Thunderbird – email client

Thunderbird logoMozilla’s Thunderbird is a free, open source, cross-platform email client software. It is fast, safe and an easy to use program with intelligent spam filters and quick email message search function. It also offers junk mail filters and anti-phishing protection with advanced security. A built-in spell checking function will help you correct those pesky errors. But what I like best in Thunderbird email client software is that you can extend its functionality through Extensions. You can also change the look and feel of the email software using themes.
Mozilla thunderbird email client

Opera Mail – email program

Opera Mail logoOpera Mail email software comes with the Opera browser and supports multiple e-mail accounts using both POP and IMAP protocols. What I really liked about Opera Mail is the powerful search functions. You can search by sender, date, subject or content and can combine variables to narrow your search. Additionally, clicking on a contact’s name will display all correspondences with that person (great feature). You can also label the incoming emails as important, to do, call back, funny etc. Opera Mail comes with Junk email filters that you can even train to suit your requirements.
Opera Mail email software

Eudora – email software

Eudora logoI haven’t used Eudora much but my wife loves it and swears by it. Eudora is available for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. This email program is soon to embrace the open source movement and will come free of charge. Eudora includes enhanced filters, drag and drop attachments, fast and powerful search feature, in-line spell checking, sorting emails using colors, SpamWatch, ScamWatch etc.
Eudora Email program

Pegasus Mail – email client

Pegasus Mail program logoPegasus Mail is the “Internet’s longest-serving PC e-mailing system”. It is 100% free however you can always donate money to “show your support”. Pegasus Mail supports multiple POP3 mailboxes and IMAP protocol. You can view picture attachments inside the program and can have multiple users on one computer. Pegasus Mail is available for Windows, Dos, and Linux operating systems.
Pegasus Mail

Zimbra desktop – Yahoo’s email program

Zimbra Desktop email client logoThe Yahoo email program Zimbra desktop is a nifty little piece of software that allows multiple email accounts set up – both POP and IMAP protocols are supported. Available in 20 languages, Zimbra is cross-platform which means it can be installed on Windows, Apple or Linux desktops. In addition to email, Zimbra also has calendars, contacts and documents. The two features that make this program standout from the rest are (1) unlimited email storage space and (2) downloading of Yahoo email, yes, even from the free accounts.
Zimbra desktop

Pine – email client

Pine Mail logoPine (Program for Internet News & Email) as its name suggest is a program for news and email messages. It is available for Unix and Microsoft operating systems and was developed by Computing & Communications at the University of Washington. Pine is a text-based email client software and might be a tough proposition if you are used to the fancy GUI based email programs.
Pine email software

The Bat! Email client from

The Bat email clientThe Bat! is a powerful commercial email client and comes in two flavors – Home Edition and Professional Edition. A demo version of the software is available for download (for both versions) from the web site and you can use it for free for 30 days. The Bat! email client offers efficient anti-virus protection, handy message templates, Microsoft Office connectivity, message parking, mail synchronisation, multi-language interface, strong cryptography and much more.
The Bat! Email software

Evolution from DIP Consultants

DIP Consultants: makes of Evolution email softwareThis email client is an “Outlook killer” of the Linux world. A Windows version has also been released but tested only on Windows XP. It is 100% free, though donations are encouraged. The program has an intelligent junk email filter, customized reminders, to-do list, web calendars etc. For those who want MS Outlook functionality on Linux or Unix systems, Evolution is a good choice.
Download Evolution

Becky! Internet Mail software

RimArts, Inc. logoThe first version of Becky! Internet Mail software tool was developed in 1996. It is a very simple program to use and the developers are continually enhancing the functionalities of this email client software. The two features of Becky! that I really like are the reminder capability through which you can receive emails from yourself on a scheduled date (you can also schedule sending emails to others – birthday reminders?) and the Mailing List Manager which helps you organize and sort emails from multiple mailing lists. You can download a 30 day trail version from the web site.

SeaMonkey from Mozilla

Seamonkey logoSeaMonkey from Mozilla is a all-in-one Internet application suite that includes a web browser, advanced e-mail client software, IRC chat client and HTML editor. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Like other products from Mozilla, SeaMonkey can be customized with themes and its functionality enhanced with the use of extensions and plug-ins.

PocoMail – email program

PocoMail logoPocoMail is a powerful email client software that lets you manage not only emails but also news and RSS feeds. PocoMail does not use the Internet Explorer engine to display HTML message but instead employs an internet HTML viewer. Also PocoMail provides better security as it does not read VBScript and JavaScript, the languages in which email viruses are written.
PocoMail email software


Incredimail logoIncredimail makes email fun! Send messages with beautiful background images and choose from thousands of emoticons. You can even add animations and sounds to the email. However, it is supposedly a very intrusive program and is quite a pain to get rid of. Anyway, a nice client for people who want to add a little spice to the messages they send.

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