What is the cost of Outlook email program?

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I had used Outlook for many years on my previous computer. This program is not installed on my new Windows 7 computers. When I took it back to the store the sales person told me that Outlook is not free… though I don’t remember ever paying for it. So how much does Outlook cost? And where can I get it?
Andre Tremblay

Outlook email client new logoSorry to be the bearer of not-so-good-news… Outlook is neither free nor available by default on the Windows 7 operating system (unless, of course, the company you bought the computer from has a tie-up with Microsoft. However, it doesn’t cost much for the features and convenience it provides.

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Outlook on your old computer

Outlook vs. Outlook Express - which email client is more suited for you?

Let me first clarify an important point: did you use Outlook or Outlook Express on your earlier computer? Because there are some important differences between the two.

Outlook is a full-fledged email program that is sold either separately or part of the Microsoft Office package. It may have been pre-installed on your earlier computer – this depends on the manufacturer. For example, they could have struck a deal with Microsoft to offer the Office suite with their computers.

Outlook Express, on the other hand, was a stripped down version of Outlook. It was, and may still be, the most popular email program ever because it came free with the Windows operating system. Outlook Express was also available for download with Internet Explorer till version 6 of the web browser. For more, please read how to download Outlook Express.

FYI, Outlook Express is not available on the Windows 7 and, as far as I know, there is no way to install this program on that operating system. Actually, even before Windows 7, Outlook Express was replaced by Windows Mail on Vista!

The latest alternative to Outlook Express is Windows Live Mail. Again, this email program may come pre-installed on your computer. If not, you can get Windows Live Mail for free from the live.com web site.

Outlook cost and availability – how to download it

The cost of the Outlook program has probably changed over the years. At the time of writing it is available both as a separate download or part of the Microsoft Office suite. Obviously, the latter is a much better deal because you get other useful software in the package.

Price of Outlook and Microsoft Office suites

Outlook new logo smallAs a separate download, Outlook costs $109.99. Meant for the serious user, Outlook is a great email program with tons of features you’ll wonder how you could live without; know more

Microsoft Outlook with it's price

Microsoft Office logoIf you want other useful programs, like Word or Excel, choose a Microsoft Office suite that works for you. Click to check out the Microsoft Office programs list.

Microsoft Home and Business 2013 logo with price

Microsoft Professional 2013 logo with price

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