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Yahoo! Mail is probably the best web based email services in the world and as per Gmail statistics, its also the most popular. It has both free and paid email accounts; the paid service is known as Yahoo! Plus and costs about $20 per annum.

Most of us have the free Yahoo email account and we use the graphical user interface (GUI) to compose, send and organize email messages on the web server. But what if you want to download Yahoo email and store them on your computer?

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For a long time, this was possible only if you upgraded your free email account to Yahoo! Plus (paid). Now, with the release of Zimbra desktop free Yahoo email program, you can setup even a free account to download all your Yahoo messages to your computer.

The advantages of downloading Yahoo email to your computer

Yahoo! Mail is a web based email service which means all messages are stored on the company servers. To check your email (new and old ones alike), you need an active internet connection and a web browser. All the email functions including organization into folders can be performed using the GUI provided by the service. It follows that without an internet connection you would not be able to access your messages. Also, if there are problems with the Yahoo login process or if the service is unavailable, you would be left high and dry. But when you download your Yahoo email to your computer and store in on the local hard disk, all these issues would not arise. Furthermore, you end up maintaining a copy.

Download Yahoo email for free using the Zimbra desktop free Yahoo email program

The advantages of Zimbra desktop to download Yahoo email

As I mentioned before, if you have the Yahoo! Plus email account, you can configure it in any email client like Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird etc. However, to download Yahoo email from free accounts, the only option is to use Zimbra desktop program. This free email program from Yahoo! works just like other popular email clients – you can setup multiple email accounts and receive email from different sources at one place, create contacts, calendars and much more.

Zimbra desktop is cross platform and can be installed on Apple, Windows and Linux based computers. Support and help can be found on the community driven forum and wiki web sites.

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