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Here is some useful help for Outlook Express email client.

Outlook Express email client – downloading, installing and using
Brief on Outlook Express including how to download and install it and understanding why it is the most popular email client in the world.

What is Outlook Express?
An introduction to the popular email program including its definition and a brief on its use and importance.

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Outlook Express advantages
Why should you use Outlook Express? Advantages of employing email programs such as Outlook Express, Windows Mail Vista, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird etc.

Setup a new email account in Outlook Express
Step by step instructions on how to configure Outlook Express for a new email client with snapshots of the actual process. Also provided helpful advice on how to troubleshoot this process, if the new email account you have just added does not send or receive emails.

Outlook Express for a new computer
You want Outlook Express for your new computer but don’t know how to go about it? Get the solution to your problem with some added advice.

Outlook Express for laptops – How you can still download and install this program
The development and support for Outlook Express has been stopped by Microsoft. But you can still download it from the company web site. However, there is something new available – the new version of the software.

Outlook Express missing on Vista?
Cannot find Outlook Express on Vista: The world’s most popular email client Outlook Express is missing from Windows Vista. Know about the alternatives like Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail and Outlook.

Cannot find Outlook Express? Here is how to get it
Problem: I cannot find Outlook Express on my computer. Read for solution and how to download email and store them on your computer.

Want Outlook Express for your computer?
So you want Outlook Express for your computer but cannot find it anywhere? Here is what you should do to download and store email on your computer.

Outlook Express Identities
Identities in Outlook Express are the best way to let multiple users access email from one computer.

Multiple accounts set up in Outlook Express
Get different address books in Outlook Express when you create multiple user accounts (identities).

Configure Gmail on Outlook Express
Configuring your Gmail account in Outlook Express using the POP3 protocol to store emails on your computer.

Set up and configure Hotmail in Outlook Express
Instructions and screenshots on how to configure Hotmail on Outlook Express with the help of the POP3 email protocol.

Set up AOL email in Outlook Express
Learn how to set up your AOL email account on the Outlook Express program with these simple and step by step instructions and screenshots.

Configure AOL email account in Outlook Exress
Add and configure your AOL email in Outlook Express using POP3 settings. Download and store messages on your computer.

Outlook Express compatible email accounts
List of Outlook Express compatible email accounts. You can download email messages from such accounts using Outlook Express and store them on your computer.

Multiple email accounts in Outlook Express
Can you have multiple email accounts in Outlook Express? Yes! Here is a brief on how to setup more than one email accounts in the popular email program.

Outlook Express Inbox folders for sorting emails
Creating folders under the Outlook Express Inbox for organizing emails and setting up message rules to automatically sort all incoming emails.

Outlook Express files and file types
Brief on different Outlook Express file types used by the program.

dbx file of Outlook Express
Outlook Express .dbx files contain messages stored by the email program. They are found in the Store folder and there is one for each folder created in the email program.

Taking a backup of emails from Outlook Express
Understanding the file storage in Outlook Express email client so that a backup of the email messages can be taken.

Creating backup of email messages from Microsoft Outlook Express
Detailed instructions on how to create a backup of the email messages in Outlook express with snapshots of the entire process. This helpful tip is essential for anyone even remotely serious about their email correspondences.

Save the Outlook Express address book – backup data
Instructions on how to save the Outlook Express address book. Keep a backup of this important data in the event of computer failure.

Copy the address book from XP computer to another – Vista or Windows 7
Simple step by step directions on how to copy the Outlook Express address book from your XP computer and move it to Vosta or Windows 7 system.

Move address book to Gmail
Learn how to move the Outlook Express address book to your Gmail email account. Beginners help on collating information on Gmail.

Understanding Outlook Express message rules for filtering emails
Learning a very powerful feature of Outlook Express – the email message rules – and understanding what all can be achhived by setting up useful rules that help increase productivity.

Delete Outlook Express email account
How to delete an Outlook Express address. Advice on removing an email account from Outlook Express program so that you don’t get the error message window.

Creating Outlook Express message rules
Thorough information on Outlook Express message rules and step by step instructions on how to create them with real world examples of rules that can help prevent potential spam from reaching the inbox to one that can automatically sort emails.

Filter emails with attachments – Outlook Express
Instructions on how to filter emails with attachments in the Outlook Express program. A quick Message Rules tips for beginners.

Preventing spam with Outlook Express message rules
Learn how to spot and stop potential spam messages using Outlook Express message rules and actually deleting the offending emails from the server – no need to download and review.

Using Outlook Express Blocked Senders List
Using the Outlook Express Block Senders List to stop receiving email messages from a specific sender. Also detailed a method using message rules that essentially does the same thing but more elegantly.

Unblocking an email address in Outlook Express
Step by step instructions on how to unblock an email address you had earlier blocked and placed in the Outlook Express “Blocked Senders List”.

Setting up Outlook Express for auto reply
Simple instructions on how to configure Outlook Express to send auto replies using message rules.

Solution: Cannot open attachments in Outlook Express
Solution to a common Outlook Express problem – cannot open email atachments.

Outlook Express bcc and how to use it to send emails in bulk
Employing the bcc option in Outlook Express to send emails in bulk to groups of recipients.

Creating a vCard file using Outlook Express
using Outlook Express to create a vCard file that stores all your contact details and can be used on a variety of communication devices and programs.

Brief on HTML editor in Outlook Express
Information on Outlook Express HTML editor and how it can be used to create fancy email signatures and email stationery.

How to install Outlook Express on Vista
Instructions and advice on how to install Outlook Express, the familiar email program, on Windows Vista. But should you get the new generation email client from Microsoft?

Download and install Outlook Express new version
So you want the new version of Outlook Express on your computer? Learn how to download and install the latest email client from Microsoft.

Outlook Express 8?
Where to get Outlook Express 8 for your computer? Is it possible to download Outlook Express 8 for your email account and install it on your system?

Outlook Express and I.E. 7 (Internet Explorer)
Ever wondered what happened to the Outlook express and Internet Explorer download bundle? This is a brief on where the popular email client is heading with its new version and …

Outlook Express for Windows 7
Windows 7 and Outlook Express for downloading email: Use Windows Live Mail, the free email client from Microsoft, for the new operating system.

Are you facing problems with Outlook Express – Find solutions to some common issues
A list of probable solutions for some of the common problems faced by Outlook Express users.

Solutions to Outlook Express not responding or crashing problems
Outlook Express is not responding. Program crashes suddenly or becomes unresponsive. Possible solutions for a not-so-uncommon Outlook Express program.

Cannot delete email message in Outlook Express: Solution
Cannot delete email in Outlook Express? Here is a description of the problem with possible solutions and troubleshooting tips.

Outlook Express disappeared?
Has Outlook Express disappeared from your computer? Here is some advice and some troubleshooting tips.

Have French dictionary for spell check in Outlook Express? Change it to English
Outlook Express using French dictionary for spell check? Change it back to the English dictionary with this quick solution.

Change email address in Outlook Express?
Will my email address be changed by Outlook Express? NO, obviously not! You need to use your existing email address in the email program.

How to use Outlook Express email address
Email accounts that work with Outlook Express ñ What is needed for Outlook Express to download email from a server. What are POP and IMAP email protocols?

Change email address for Outlook Express?
Do I need to change my email address if I use Outlook Express? Clarifying beginners’ doubts.

Outlook Express alternatives and substitute
Outlook Express alternative – here are some good email programs that can substitute for Outlook Express on your computer.

Find Outlook Express email account password
Find the password of email account in Outlook Express – recover and get hold of password, username and server details of email account set up in Outlook Express.

Change the Outlook Express email account password
Learn how to change the Outlook Express email account password… but also remember to do this for the ‘actual’ email account!

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