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I am thoroughly confused with the computer I bought and am thinking of returning it. I can’t seem to find the email program on Windows 7. Please let me know how to use email on this operating system. [Expletives against Microsoft removed]
Johann Berry

Johann, no need to fret. Microsoft hasn’t left you or others users in the lurch. Yes, there is no Outlook Express or Windows Mail on the new operating system; the default email program on Windows 7 is Windows Live Mail. And like other email clients, Windows Live Mail lets you receive, store and send messages from your computer once it has been set up.

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Because of the confusion caused by similarity in names, some users get the impression that a Windows Live Hotmail account is required to use Windows Live Mail. This is not true! Though you will be encouraged to create a Hotmail email account at the start, the email program will work just without one.

Windows Live Mail, the Windows 7 email program, wasn’t introduced with the operating system. It was launched many months before. I have been using it on my Windows Vista laptop for almost two years now. Though I cheekily refer to the new email program as Outlook Express 8, the truth is that Windows Live Mail is quite unlike its predecessors in both the interface and the way email messages are organized.

Windows 7 email program vs. Outlook Express and Windows Mail

The default email programs on Windows XP and Vista are almost identical in the layout and email organization. A few extra features in Windows Mail, like the automated junk email filter makes it an upgrade – Outlook Express 7! The Windows 7 email program is, however, different.

For instance, all incoming messages in both Outlook Express and Windows Mail are placed in a single inbox folder. (You could also create message rules to segregate emails into separate folders). But in Windows Live Mail, each email account that’s set up in the program gets its own inbox as well as four other folders. This means if you have ten email accounts (as I do), you would have to manage ten different sets of Inbox, Drafts, Sent items, Junk e-mail and Deleted items… a total of 50+ folders. This is one feature people have found very annoying in Windows Live Mail. I suppose one just has to get used to it.

However, the Windows 7 email program is much more than a mail and news client. It is an RSS reader and a blogging tool too! By the way, Microsoft has stopped the development and support for both Outlook Express and Windows Mail and recommends you use Windows Live Mail on other versions of their operating system as well.

If you were earlier using a Windows XP or Windows Vista computer, you may also be interested to know how to transfer your email account settings and old messages to the new computer.

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