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Mac full charged battery shows in red

Mac batter icon in red even on full charge

Solution to MacBook Pro battery icon showing 99% charged though it is red in color. A Low battery warning sign also pops up. [more...]

How do I see the battery percentage on a Mac?

Battery icon on a Mac laptop

Simple instructions on how to reveal the battery percentage on a Mac laptop - screenshots included. [more...]

How do I change my account picture on the Mac?

Mac profile picture - how to change it

Instructions on how to change the profile picture on the Mac for your account. Step by step guide for beginners along with screenshots. [more...]

How do I create a new user account on a Mac?

Add a new user account on the Mac

Simple instructions on how to create a new user account on the Mac - screenshots included. [more...]

How do I know which OS version I am using on the Apple Mac?

Mac OS versions

Instructions on how to find the operating system (OS) version on your Mac - Yosemite, El Capitan? [more...]

How do I change TextEdit to a plain text editor for HTML files?

Mac TextEdit - save files in plain text format

Simple instructions - Change TextEdit preferences and settings so that it saves files in plain text quite like Windows Notepad. [more...]

TextEdit – The Windows Notepad alternate on the Mac

TextEdit on the Mac is an alternative for Windows Notepad

TextEdit on the Mac is a great alternative to Notepad of Windows. The two programs are almost equivalent especially after changing a few settings on TextEdit. [more...]

How do I change the default location of screenshots on the Mac?

Change screenshots folder on Mac

Easy instructions on how to change the folder to which screenshots are saved on the Mac. Step by step instructions with screenshots for the newbie. [more...]

How do I get the terminal/command window in a Mac?

Terminal app on the Mac


How do I get Mac to show file extensions of all the files?

Viewing file extension on the Mac

Simple instructions on getting the Mac Finder to show file extensions of all files. The option is present under the Advanced in Preferences. [more...]

Mac keyboard shortcuts I find useful

Mac keyboard shortcuts

Most useful Mac keyboard shortcuts that every user should know. This is coming from a Windows user who recently shifted to a Mac. [more...]

How do I close all windows in Mac?

Close all windows in Mac using a simple key combination

Simple key-combination (Command + Option + W) to close all open windows of an application on the Mac. You can also press the Option key and select Close All from the File menu. [more...]

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How do I view a deleted web page?
Is there a way to view a deleted web page - one that is no longer available? Yes there is and the solution is quite simple. [more...]


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