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Hotmail contact: Tech support information for problems

Hotmail contact: Tech support information for problems

I’ve been a Hotmail email user for more than 8 years. Never had any major problems but the past week has been dreadful. Though the account can be accessed from the office computer, I simply cannot login from the PC at home. There also appears to be an issue with sending emails from this address. I desperately need to know the Hotmail contact information to solve these problems. I’ve tried in vain to locate a Hotmail tech support telephone number but it must be deeply hidden on their web site. I don’t wish to cancel this account as I’ve got many friends in the contact list but may have no other alternative. Losing patience … and fast!
Michelle Hunter

I too had faced a similar Hotmail problem in the past when one fine day my email account of many years simply refused to open. The issue continued for a couple of days and was a complete nuisance but was finally resolved.

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So before I provide the Hotmail contact information try all of the following.
Note: this may not work for you; but don’t be disheartened… just keep reading.

  • Delete the web browser cache.
  • If you cannot access Hotmail email try a different web browser or a different internet connection.
  • I’ve learnt from personal experience that the Hotmail sign in problem, wherein the inbox refuses to load, could be because of incorrect / incompatible HTTP settings. Remember to restart the computer once you’ve implemented these changes. This is what I had done to solve the problem I was facing when the account wasn’t opening (was getting a blank page)… and it worked!!!
  • System restore is known to work for many users when you cannot open Hotmail email account and all other web sites work just fine.
  • Checkout the Hotmail password problems page and how to recover this information.

Hotmail Contact Information – tech phone, web site and email

Hotmail Plus users, the one who’ve paid $20, can try getting in touch with Hotmail tech support over telephone. However, please note that this might not be the smoothest of rides; after all, with millions of subscribers it would be virtually impossible to provide personal help. Though this Hotmail contact information is 100% correct, there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to get through to a live person – probably depends on your geographical location.

Contact Hotmail over telephone:
(800) 386-5550

The recommended solution for free subscribers is to login at a Hotmail account and locate the “Help” icon. If you cannot open your Hotmail account, ask friends for assistance. At the time of writing, the Help icon is a small blue round image with a question mark. Click on it and select “Help” from the menu; refer image below. Use the search function in the pop-up window to find the solution for the problem you are facing.

Hotmail help section - contact the Hotmail support staff

Here are some Microsoft web sites and links that can be helpful:

Contact Hotmail staff via their tech support web site

Probably the best way to get a Hotmail problem sorted is to post your complaint on the Windows Live Solutions Center web site which has a full section dedicated to the email service. You may also be interested in checking the older MSN support pages.

Also, if you cannot send email from Hotmail account, please refer that link for tips and possible solutions.

Final words: The Hotmail contact information (customer service phone) listed above is known to be of little or no help – you might end up wasting a lot of time and money. I suggest getting assistance from the Windows Live Solution Center (WLSC). This community driven web site is an ideal place for finding solutions for all kinds of Hotmail problems. Remember, you aren’t the first or the only one who’s had issues with this email service. Also do not post questions straightaway. Search the WLSC first because, most likely, a problem similar to yours would have been solved. And, please bore everyone with your whining – keep emotions at bay and describe the issue is detail.

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