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Cannot access Hotmail emails – problems and solutions

Cannot access Hotmail emails – problems and solutions

Subscribers find it hard to understand why they cannot access their Hotmail emails sometimes. They haven’t changed anything on their computer and one fine day they are not able to access the email list in the Hotmail inbox.

Common problems include “Cannot display web page” error which means the page is faulty, the browser keeps showing its busy, inbox refuses to load, or the browser crashes. Here are some probable solutions to the Hotmail problems you might be facing. Please understand these may or may not work for you.

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I haven’t changed anything on my computer – I don’t know why I cannot access Hotmail emails

The most common complaint is that Hotmail emails become inaccessible even though nothing has been changed at the users end. They have been using the same computer, browser and internet connection and suddenly the Hotmail account inbox refuses to open. Users who cannot access their Hotmail emails are a frustrated lot, especially those who were waiting for an important email or had to check an older message. But please bear in mind that the problem might still be at your end – even though you feel you haven’t changed anything!

Probable solutions to Hotmail email access problems

  • Verify the internet connection – Is it indeed working? Try loading other web sites like Yahoo.com.
  • Delete the temporary internet files / cache of the browser. You can do this through the tools and settings section.
  • Change the HTTP settings – please refer Hotmail sign in problem for details.
  • Use a different browser – I suggest downloading and installing Google Chrome.
  • Your account may be blocked. Hotmail suspects you may be using the account to send spam and hence disables access to it. Please contact the Hotmail support staff or wait for a day and check again.
  • If you are running Windows XP or Windows Vista, download and install Windows Live Mail email program – please refer that link for step by step instructions. You then need to set up your Hotmail account – for screenshots and walkthrough read Windows Live Mail settings for Hotmail accounts.
    This is a lengthy process, no doubts; but has many advantages. You maintain a copy of the emails on your local computer which protects against accidental online deletions and account hacking and you can access your emails even without an active internet connection.

I also suggest referring the links below:

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