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What is the difference between Outlook and Hotmail?

Difference between Outlook and Hotmail

Understand the difference between Outlook and Hotmail - they are not the same. Outlook is a program while Hotmail (now called Outlook.com) is an online service. [more...]

How do I delete all email quickly?

Delete all email messages from your account quickly

Instructions on how to delete all email messages form your account without the need of going through the process page after page. [more...]

Why has Hotmail become Outlook.com?

Hotmail is now Outlook.com email service

Hotmail email service has been rebranded as outlook.com by Microsoft. Though the interface is markedly different from the old one, it's intuitive, loads faster and is similar to other Windows email programs. [more...]

What is Hotmail?

What is Hotmail?

What is Hotmail? Its history and a brief on one of the world's most popular web based email services. [more...]

How do I create a Hotmail account?

How do I create a Hotmail account?

How to create hotmail account in less than 10 minutes - detailed instructions and screenshots for beginners. [more...]

How do I make a Hotmail account?

How do I make a Hotmail account?

How to make a Hotmail account for a free email address and Windows Live services. [more...]

Hotmail features – Free and Hotmail plus accounts

Hotmail features

Windows Live Hotmail features of both the free and paid accounts - decide which one you want to use. [more...]

How do I sign in at Hotmail page?

Hotmail sign in page

Hotmail sign in - Login at your email account via the mail.live.com page to access messages. [more...]

Hotmail Inbox – access your email messages

Hotmail Inbox

Accessing Hotmail inbox to check for new emails, organize messages in folders and work with the free email service. [more...]

Hotmail login – access your emails at www.hotmail.com

Hotmail login

Login to Hotmail and access email messages and other information at Live.com account. [more...]

How do I use my Hotmail account?

how to use Hotmail account

Learn how to properly use your Hotmail email address to send receive messages. Get to know tips on how to increase productivity and make Hotmail work for you. [more...]

How do I check Hotmail email?

How do I check Hotmail email?

Introduction to checking your Hotmail accounts for new email messages with brief on the other folders in your account. [more...]

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