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How do I compose and send email from Hotmail?

Compose and send a Hotmail email message

Instructions on how to compose new emails and send them using Hotmail web based accounts. [more...]

Hotmail settings – how to choose your options and preferences

Hotmail settings and options

Options on Hotmail settings - learn how to get the maximum from your online email account by changing your preferences. [more...]

Hotmail POP settings

Hotmail POP settings

The Hotmail POP settings for downloading emails to your computer via an email program. [more...]

How do I set up Hotmail email account on my computer?

Hotmail email account settings

How to set up Hotmail email account to download email to your computer using a program or an email client. Step by step detailed instructions for beginners. [more...]

Hotmail folders – manage emails in your account

Understand Hotmail folders - custom and default

Learn about Hotmail folders and how to manage your emails. Create new folders and move email messages for better organization. [more...]

How do I create folders in Hotmail?

Create folders in a Hotmail email account

Learn how to create folders in Hotmail to organize the email messages. You can create as many folders as you want and even use filters to automatically sort email messages. [more...]

How do I move emails in Hotmail?

Sort Hotmail email messages

Quickly move emails in Hotmail accounts from one folder to another by the conventional method and drag-n-drop. [more...]

Automatically sort emails into folders using Hotmail filters

Automatically sort Hotmail email messages

Create filters in Hotmail to automatically sort incoming emails into folders. Detailed step by step instructions with screenshots. [more...]

Hotmail setup to download emails using Windows Live Mail

Download Hotmail email messages to your computer

Windows Live Mail Hotmail setup and configuration instructions with screenshots. Download your online emails to your computer. [more...]

Block sender – Hotmail blocked list

Block senders list in Hotmail

How to block sender from sending your emails. Learn how to use the Hotmail feature and stop receiving emails from specified senders and even full domains. [more...]

Load Hotmail inbox directly – skip the MSN Today page

Skip MSN Today page

Getting rid of the MSN today page and go directly to the inbox when you log in at your Hotmail account. [more...]

How do I set up Hotmail on Outlook Express on my computer?

Setup Hotmail in Outlook Express

Learn to set up and configure a Hotmail email account on Outlook Express, the popular free email program. Download and store messages on your computer. [more...]

Why should you delete web browser history?

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How do I view a deleted web page?
Is there a way to view a deleted web page - one that is no longer available? Yes there is and the solution is quite simple. [more...]


Xbox, Microsoft's gaming console, was originally named DirectX Box, a nod to their DirectX graphics technology. This was shortened to just 'Xbox', which didn't sound right legally! However, it won over 'Midway', 'WEP' (Windows Entertainment Project), 'VERY', 'MARZ' and other suggested names. [more...]

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