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Download and save Bigpond email messages to your computer

Download and save Bigpond email messages to your computer

Your Bigpond email account resides on the computers of the ISP. As per their new policy, all messages older than 180 days will be removed permanently from Bigpond mail servers. So what can you do?

There are two solutions actually. The first is to shift all the messages to a personal folder and continue using the account via the Bigpond webmail interface. The second (which is more elegant) is to download and save the Bigpond email messages by transferring them using email program (also known as email clients). I suggest you use the second option.

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Which email program to use to download and save Bigpond email on your computer?

All popular computers (Windows, Macs or Linux based machines) come with a pre-installed email program that you can use to download and save Bigpond email on your machine. Also, you can either use the default email program that comes with your computer or choose an alternative.

Download and save Bigpond email messages using email programs

For instance, Windows XP users can go ahead with the popular (and free) Outlook Express or can use Windows Live Mail (the latest client from Microsoft), Mozilla’s Thunderbird (free), MS Outlook, Zimbra (Yahoo email program) etc. For details on these different clients, read Outlook Express alternatives. FYI, Outlook which costs about $140 as a standalone program, is a complete email package ideal for professionals and businesses. It can also be purchased bundled with Microsoft Office suite.

Downloading Bigpond email to your computer involves setting up the account in the chosen email program using the POP email protocol. This is generally a very simple process taking hardly a couple of minutes. You need the account login details (username and password) and the Bigpond email settings. Typically, the email client “wizard” will walk you through each step of the set up process.

Help, as always, is at hand. Below are links to articles with detailed instructions and screenshots on how to get the Bigpond email account.

By the way, once you download and save Bigpond email messages on your computer, I also recommend taking a backup of this data routinely. This will help avoid any heartburn that may result from hard disk failures or program crashes.

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