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Bigpond email settings

Bigpond email settings

As per the new policy, Bigpond stores your messages on its servers for only 180 days. Emails that you have deleted or have been marked as spam will only be retained for 7 days. It’s strongly recommended that users either move the messages to a personal folder or, better still, download them to the local computer with the help of programs such as Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail. This is where Bigpond email settings are usefulemail programs need this information to connect to the account on the server.

Note: We would be using the Post Office Protocol (POP3) to set up the Bigpond email account on the computer. You can also use IMAP which enables you to access the account from various devices and keeps everything synched.

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Bigpond POP email settings – incoming and outgoing servers

Bigpond emailBigpond provides POP (or POP3) access to the email accounts. The Post Office Protocol is a popular email protocol that is used by clients (programs) like Outlook or Windows Live Mail to connect to the server and transfer messages to the local computer.

Though the exact steps for setting up an account will depend on which email program is being used, you definitely need to provide the Bigpond email settings (below) during the configuration process:

Bigpond login details

  • Username: the full Bigpond email address – USERNAME@bigpond.com or USERNAME@bigpond.net.au.
  • Password: the email account password.

Bigpond email servers

  • Bigpond incoming mail server: mail.bigpond.com
  • Bigpond outgoing mail server: mail.bigpond.com

Make sure you select the Incoming server as POP3. The Outgoing server will always be SMTP. Also do not check Secure Password Authentication (SPA) option.

Confused? Here are links to articles that have detailed step by step instructions on how to download and save Bigpond email to the local computer.

Conclusion: The Bigpond email settings are used to set up an account in the chosen client.

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