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In continuation to the previous article on Advertising online using web banners, here are the remaining tips for successful and effective online advertising using web banners.

6. Number of banners

This depends on the budget you have allocated for the campaign. For more details, please read the 13 banner tips – especially the Several banners for a single ad campaign tip.

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7. Banner style guide

The web site or banner service (Link Exchanges etc.) you plan to use for serving the banners would provide you with a banner style guide. These guides would dictate the different aspects of the banners such as the banner size, length of the animation, number of loops for the animation, border attributes etc. Send the Banner Style to the banner designers so that your banners adhere to the policies of the ad service.

8. Banner type

What kind of banner is the best for your campaign? There can be no definite answer. It depends on several factors such as the place (web site) would want to display the banners, the aim of your online campaign, etc. In my opinion you should test out several banners and see which ones are outperforming the others. This helps you in creating better banners in future.

Studies have shown that animated flash banners with good copy get 2-3 times higher click-thru than static banners.

9. Size of the Banners – Dimensions

The physical dimensions in pixels – 468 X 60, 234 X 60, 120 X 90 etc.
It’s likely, you’ve already chosen the size/s as dictated by the banner space you plan to purchase on the web page that will ultimately display the banner.

You can find the standard banner sizes here. However, you are not limited to these sizes and can get the banners in any size that you want.

10. Maximum file size of the banners

Generally, you would be informed of the maximum file size of the banner by the site on which you plan to display the banner.
Banner file size depends on the type of banner you have chosen – Flash, animated gif or static/interactive banners. The size also depends on the physical dimensions and the length and amount of animation in an animated banner.
You can read the tip on banner file size here.

11. Using animated or static banners

Animated banner are created either as Flash movies or GIF files (Gif89a format). If you plan to use Flash banners, it’s likely you would probably need the animated gif versions too. You can check it out with the ad service if the style guide does not state this explicitly.
Please also read the web banner tip on animation.
Note: JPG banners cannot be animated.

12. How long should the animation run?

For animated banners, we need to know how long should the animation run and for how many loops. You can read our tip on this – click here.
Animated banner can be made to run for a stipulated number of loops or might loop infinitely.

13. Banner colors preferences

Should the banner carry the same colors as your web site to help in brand recognition? Again this depends on the colors of the site on which you plan to advertise your banner. Usually, a banner should look like a part of the web site design unless you are competing with tons of banners on a web page in which case your banner should stand out.
You can also pick one from more than 200 color combinations we have put online for you.

14. Banner design preferences

If you come across some visually appealing web banners, save them and pass these to the designer. Obviously, you should tell the designer not to “copy” the style. This helps your designer in understanding your design tastes much more quickly that a whole page of text!

15. Where would the banners be used?

Where would the web banner be displayed? Link Exchanges, Affiliate programs, or on your web site…
It would be tremendously helpful to the designer if you know the exact web page/web site on which the banner would be displayed.
Note: banners that looks a part of the web site get more hits. However, if the page you are advertising on has tons of other (competitive) banners, your banners should stands out.
For details, please read the 13 banner tips we have put for you.

16. Images preference

Try to use images which complement the product. Don’t try to fool the visitor into clicking by displaying something entirely different from your product or service. Attractive pictures (like those of “sexy women”) might get you a click but will not lead to a sale.
Please note: images from other web sites might be copyrighted. Your designer can help you in locating similar images from a clipart collection.

17. Click-thru URL

For Flash banners, you need to inform the designer the click-thru URL so that they can embed it in the banner. Also specify if on clicking the banner, a new browser window should open or should the same window be refreshed. You can get the details from the site on which you plan to advertise.

18. Copy (text) in the banners

Good copy is the hallmark of a successful banner – please read the Nothing beats a good eye-catching punch line and Good copy banner tips.
For animated banners, talk to the designer and discuss the story broad of the animation.

Note from Manish Sharma – SimplyGraphix
We guarantee banners that are distinctive in delineating their message, whether its a brand building exercise or a more direct sales pitch. We feel that all elements in a banner should accentuate the particular product/service being promoted and hence we lay a lot of emphasis on the colors, fonts and special effects used in the banner.

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