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What is an online ad campaign?

What is an online ad campaign?

An online advertisement campaign is like any ad campaign… only it’s online – on the web.

If you have products or services to sell and are advertising them via T.V., newspapers, brochures, etc. it is time you took your promotions online. Why? The number of net surfers is increasing at a rapid rate and studies have shown that people are spending more and more time on the web. Online spending is actually increasing at a tremendous rate. According to one survey, 41% of online users have bought one or more products through the web. In addition to the United States, countries such as China, Germany, India, Brazil and United Kingdom, have a thriving online market.

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The thing is, buying products online is convenient, hassle-free and easy. Online market places allow buyers to see the best deals available without moving from their desks and choose the products they want which they could not find at the local supermarket.

Do you need a web site for advertising your products or services online?

There are a few ways you can promote your products and services online – display banners on a web site (ideally a web site which caters to your target audience), have banners displayed on ezines (online newsletters and magazines) etc. When visitors click on the banners, they should be taken to your web site. Thus, you DO need a web site.

Though a fully functional web site with shopping carts is very much desired if you plan to sell products or services and project your company as a professional supplier, you can still promote your products or services if you have a very basic web site as long as it provides details of your offerings as well as contact details.

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