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Submit a web site to search engines for free

Submit a web site to search engines for free

The first step in web promotion is to create a web site that is search engine friendly. The keywords should be used judiciously in the META tag, the TITLE tag, the heading tags and most importantly in the web page content.

Anyone can spam a search engine hoping they would get a good site rank by putting keywords excessively in the TITLE and META tags, but search engines have become very smart. They not only look whether the web contents contain that keyword (at a particular word frequency) but also whether the sentences are grammatically correct. Thus, before you use one of the free search engine services below, you should first check your site thoroughly.

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Services through which you can submit your site to search engines

You can submit your site to 20 search engines for free. The process takes less than a minute. However, please read my note (at the end) on submitting to Google.

They will submit your site to 100 search engines and directories for a $49.95 one time fee. I don’t see a big benefit in getting your site into these tens of search engines as, at the time of writing, only 5 are actually used.

They provide free manual and automated submission to search engines and directories. They also have a list of the most popular services on their home page with their “Add URLs”. I recommend you take advantage of this and submit the site manually yourself!

Not only will SubmitExpress add your site to search engines and directories, they will also review it and make suggestions for improvement through which you can (possibly) achieve higher rankings.

I cannot stress on this point more but you should strive to have good web site content… content which is meaningful to the visitor and makes their visit successful.

The free web site submission services are not perfect and you should also manually submit your web site to the Important Search Engines and Directories. In fact, you need to submit to directories only manually. I know its a long and tedious process of submitting your web site to tons of search engines and directories and if you do get a nice deal from a service provider, go ahead. Just remember to ask them a copy of the submission results and be sure to test your site on each of the engines they submitted to after about a month or so.

Important: Google strongly discourages automated submissions and since it’s the ruling search engine, you should think twice about using these services for it.

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