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Charter.net email with Windows Live Mail

Charter.net email with Windows Live Mail

I had my Charter.net on a Windows XP computer running Outlook Express. I got myself a Windows 7 machine yesterday. Since we don’t have O.E. on the new operating system, can I use my Charter email account on Windows Live Mail?
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Though Windows Live Mail, the default email program on Windows 7, may look different from Outlook Express, its function is quite the same. You can download, store, send, and receive email through this new client just as you had done with Outlook Express. So your Charter.net email account will definitely work with Windows Live Mail if you were using with Outlook Express on the old Windows XP computer.

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Set up Charter.net email on Windows Live Mail

Your Charter.net email account only be used on Outlook Express once it was configured in the program. The same applies to Windows Live Mail as well. Keep the following information ready:

Now get the step by step instructions with screenshots on how to set up Windows Live Mail email program with the Charter.net email account. But what happens to the old email messages that are lying in the old Windows XP computer? Can you get these Charter emails on Windows Live Mail? Oh, Yes! Keep reading.

Come to think of it, there is no need to manually set up the Charter.net email account on Windows Live Mail if it is already running on a Windows XP computer. Simply copy the Outlook Express email account settings to Windows 7 which involves exporting and importing an .iaf file. And once this is done, copy the old Outlook Express email to Windows Live Mail. (Please refer the links for step by step instructions and screenshots).

Using Charter email on Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express

Don’t want to let go of your old Windows XP computer and want to use Charter email on both Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express? No problem. But you have to modify the settings of the configured email accounts in both the email clients to ensure the messages are not deleted from the server when they have been downloaded. (You would probably have to delete the emails manually from your account via the webmail interface – refer Charter email login).

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Your comments
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  • Don Smith on October 28th, 2010 6:26 pm

    Why does the Charter mail keep asking me for my password again and again when using the charter.net mail in Windows Live Mail program? Always comes up and saying I have the wrong password even though it is the right password and will not let mail come in. I am on Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail? Awaiting an answer. Thank you.

  • Manish on October 29th, 2010 12:03 pm

    @Don Smith
    1. First confirm if the password is indeed correct by logging in via Charter webmail.
    2. Double check the password AND username that you had used when setting up the account in Windows Live Mail.
    3. Make sure the “Remember password” option is checked.

  • Clay on December 24th, 2010 11:35 pm

    My Charter account doesn’t work with Live for the same reason stated above. Yes, the username and password have been verified and the box checked. It keeps coming back that the incorrect password has been entered. Yes, I can get to the email throught their web page with the username/password. I would bet we’re both waiting for a response.

  • Maggie Eriksson-Evans on September 9th, 2011 1:46 am

    When the web site claims your password is incorrect they are not referring to the password you use to open your own mail. They are referring the specific password that signs you into Charter, itself. You gave it to them when you set up your account, and hAs at least one capitalized letter. If your personal password is “texascowboy” for example the Charter password might be “Texascowboy” or “texasCowboy” or “texascowBoy”)

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