How do I get a Yahoo business email?

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Yahoo offers many different kinds of email accounts. You can get a free Yahoo email address or dish out $20 for the Plus upgrade. Plus email account let you forward Yahoo emails to any other account and also download messages to your computer via popular email programs.

The only problem is that with the free or the Plus accounts, the email address ends with (or a country specific extension), or What if you want something more personal? This is where the Yahoo business email comes into picture.

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The Yahoo business email package offers much more than the $20 Plus and, obviously, it costs slightly more. But it depends on what you want. However, the best part of the business email from Yahoo is the customized addresses, not just for you but for all employees in your company. Thus, you are not restricted to choosing from, or but can create personal email addresses on your own domain name (as long as it’s available). And by adding a little to the monthly cost you can even start a web site on Yahoo web hosting.

Benefits of the business email from Yahoo

As you would know, a personal email address requires you to procure a domain name and add an email package or web hosting. Yahoo makes this process a little easy and smooth for beginners. You can opt for a single email address or multiple and even add a web site to the package with unlimited web pages, 1000 email addresses each with unlimited storage space, POP3 access to download email and much more. See the comparison chart for the different packages along with pricing information. Here are some of the key features and benefits:

In conclusion, Yahoo business email is a clear winner because it offers so many features and benefits along with the customized email addresses. The 24-hour customer support and extensive help section from this reliable web company only make it sweeter. Highly recommended.

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