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Yahoo email forwarding

Yahoo email forwarding

Thomas Martin asks, “Is there no way I can do a Yahoo email forward to another address?” Unfortunately, no! If you are using the free version, you can only forward to another Yahoo email address; that’s it! In fact, if you login at your free email account and go to the “Pop and Forwarding” section, you would be prompted to upgrade to the Plus service.

The Yahoo Mail options

The Yahoo POP and forwarding in the free email account

The Yahoo! Plus email accounts cost a little less than $20 annually and come with a few added features including POP and forwarding options and larger email attachment size.

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Upgrading to the Plus service will not change your email address but rather give you the opportunity to download Yahoo email and store messages on your computer using any email program. If you are a prolific Yahoo email users, I sincerely suggest upgrading the Plus because of the great convenience offered at a very low cost.

Yahoo Plus accounts for forwarding and POP access

Once you upgrade to Yahoo Plus, the account will be accessible using POP – Post Office Protocol. This means it can be setup in an email program and the messages downloaded and stored on your computer. The email is now available even without an internet connection because it can be read from the local hard disk on your system instead of the Yahoo server. Backups of all the email messages can also be taken quite easily – just follow the procedure for your chosen email program. And with Yahoo Plus accounts you can forward messages to any email account you want.

Yahoo email forwarding to another Yahoo account

By the way, Yahoo does allow forwarding to another email account on their servers. So you can create another Yahoo email account and have the messages from the old one redirected to it. The process is quite simple; for details and step by step instructions, please refer how to change a Yahoo email address.

You can also read more about Yahoo business email for a personalized email address with many more features and benefits.

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