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Web Page Rank

Web Page Rank

Below are some tools and services which help you in knowing how your web site ranks. Note: The web page ranking tools and service simply provide an idea how a page ranks, they do not help in increasing your web page rankings.

Google PageRank
The famous Google PageRank comes with the Google Toolbar. The Google PageRank ranks a page on a scale of 0 to 10 where 10 is the highest. Google PageRank algorithm determines several factors when providing a rank for your web page including number of in-bound links (links from other web pages to web page which is being ranked). The Google.com web site carries a PageRank of 10. Other popular web site such as Yahoo.com and MSN.com also have very high page ranks. I have also noticed that the PR of a web site changes, at times, with changes in the Google ranking algorithms. FYI, Google Page Rank is not a simple measure of the number of in-bound links but also takes into account the quality (and the PR) of the web sites providing those external links. Thus, a handful of in-bound links from pages with high PR values might just be better than a hundred links from web pages with low PR. Google PageRank is available on the Google Toolbar.
Google Tool Bar.

Alexa Webmaster Services
The Alexa service provides a rank for a web site as a whole – you cannot find the ranks of individual pages of your web site using the Alexa tools. The Alexa Site Stats Button found under Site Widgets of the Developer’s Corner displays the rank of web site on the Internet and the number of external links. The Alexa Traffic History Graph will display how your web site rankings have changed over time. However, the graph is displayed only if your web site Alexa rank is in the first 100,000.
Alexa rank is an indicator of people who came to your site, thus the popularity of your site. Learn how Alexa determines your web page rankings.

Though, “Googlerankings.com is in no way affiliated, sponsored or in any way the property of or responsibility of Google.com.”, it’s still a great service. What I like about this site is that one can enter a set keywords and find out how a web page ranks in Google.
The Googlerankings web site provides several other services – Determining the best keywords of your site and Keyword Density.
For your information, Googlerankings.com web page gets a Google PageRank of 5 (6th July 2004).

This service lists the rank of your web page in 12 major search engines of the web. It checks if the site is listed in the first 100.

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