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Determining Best Keywords of your Site

Determining Best Keywords of your Site

Once you develop your web site and optimize all pages for keywords you would like to know how many of those keywords get you visitors. Now, GoogleRankings.com provides just that! Its easy interface helps you quickly ascertain which keywords work for your web site. This is one of the coolest services for finding search engines rankings based on keywords.

Point your browser to this page. You will now need to enter your web site address and select from the drop down, the number of keywords you want in the result.

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Googlerankings.com will now list the “Most often keywords” used by net-surfers to get to your web site. These keywords might be a part of the search phrase given by your visitors.

Important information: “Googlerankings.com is in no way affiliated, sponsored or in any way the property of or responsibility of Google.com.”

Web page / Web Site rankings by googlerankings.com

What I like about this site is that one can enter a set keywords and find out how a web page ranks in Google. However, I find that the ranking reported by the site are a few positions lower than the actual rank one sees when searching on Google.

For example, my site www.biotechdesk.com ranks third on Google.com for the keyword “biotechnology india”, however, GoogleRankings.com reports its rank as 7th. Similarly, for the keyword “biotechnology consultancy” my site gets 6th rank on googlerankings.com while its actual rank when searched for on google.com is 4th.
Note: Google.com ranks keep changing. The above info was obtained on 6th July 2004.

The Googlerankings web site also provides Keyword Density check for web sites.
For your information, Googlerankings.com web page gets a Google PageRank of 5 (6th July 2004).

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