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Keyword density tools

Keyword density tools

Keyword density denotes how many times the selected keyword occurs on a page. It is typically given as a percentage value. Thus 5% means that the said keyword appears 5 times every 100 words.

There was a time when people were paranoid about getting the keyword density just right. The “free advice” found on the web was generally of little help as even SEO gurus couldn’t converge on an ideal keyword density value. Some said that 1-2% was the best while others suggested 5%.

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This, obviously, confused the average Joe. It was never clear whether search engines took only the actual content of the web page or also considered meta data such as the description and title tags.

Nowadays, search engine optimizers don’t give any weightage to keyword density. Yes, it’s important the have the keyword in the page title, in the description (though there are contradictory views for this) and in the page content, but stress is now given to having the keyword in the anchor text… especially from inbound links.

Anyway, here are some services that you can use to find the keyword density. These might be the last recourse to people struggling to get high rankings in search engines.

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Keyword Density
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SEO Chat
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Keyword Density Analyzer
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Keyword Density Analyzer Tool

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