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HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the lingua franca of the Internet. It is not a language per se, so you don’t need any prior programming experience, though common sense is very much a required attribute! HTML is very simple, trust me.

What is HyperText?

Hypertext means that some text in the HTML document carries a link to a different location. Such links can be present either on the same page or some other page located on another computer page. On clicking this ‘hot spot’, the viewer is transferred to that location.

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What is Markup?

Markup means that specific portions of a document are marked up to indicate how they should be displayed in the browser.

HTML carries information about the web page though, the display of the document is solely dependent on the browser. For this reason, you should test your HTML code in the two most used browsers, Internet Explorer from Microsoft and Netscape Communicator from Netscape. With HTML you can embed various objects such as images, video, sound in your pages.

What will you learn in this HTML tutorial?

This is a basic HTML tutorial that describes and explains some common HTML tags. By the end of this tutorial you should be able to create simple HTML pages. Advanced HTML tags with tips on page layout can be found in the next tutorial, Advanced HTML tutorial.
The Tips and Tricks section features some interesting tips on HTML. You should explore this section only after completing the two HTML tutorials.

The tutorial consists of 24 sessions as follows:

Remember HTML is NOT CASE SENSITIVE, you can write your code in either uppercase or lowercase.
I have always written by HTML code in uppercase. This helps to differentiate it from JavaScript code.

(Note: HTML is case sensitive when it comes to character entities, which you shall learn in session 16.)

Best of luck and happy learning!