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The advanced HTML tutorial builds upon what you have learnt in the previous HTML tutorial. Here you get to know how to take greater control of page layout and design and add more multimedia content to your pages.

What will you learn in this advanced HTML tutorial

The tutorial starts off with sessions that teach you how to embed sound and video files. It’s followed by a thorough discussion on HTML colors and how to use them. We then explore the <TABLE> tag, which has been a good friend of web designers ever since its inception. Explanation of tags is accompanied with various valuable tips that should assist you in designing better-looking pages.

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Frames can make your life easy if you master them well. I have devoted six sessions to frames. There is also one on inline frames.

We revisit the <A> tag and have a look at its TARGET attribute in detail.

HTML forms provide the best and the most professional way to gather visitor feedback. We will inspect the tags and attributes associated with forms.

How do you link various parts of an image to different documents? You need an image map. I’ll describe both server and client side image maps. Since client-side image maps don’t require any programming, they are discussed in more detail.

The last session is on <META> tags that help in search engine positioning and it’s very important you master them.

So let’s get on with our first session…