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Tutorial HTML – Conclusion

Tutorial HTML - Conclusion

This concludes our tutorial on HTML. This free tutorial on HTML was written for the beginner in mind and I hope it has helped you to gain a grasp of the basics features of HTML.

You have completed the basic tutorial on HTML and should be able to create simple HTML pages with confidence.

The Advanced HTML Tutorial would be the next step.

But before you leave this tutorial on HTML, scroll down for your badge.

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JavaScript was initially called LiveScript. The final name change is generally regarded as a clever marketing stunt by Netscape to ride on the popularity of Java, the hot new language at that time. So though the names are similar, JavaScript and Java have little in common. The language was created by Brendan Eich when he was working at Netscape Communications Corporation and it was first included in the beta releases of Netscape Navigator 2.0. Actually, if we go a little further in time, the language was called "Mocha" during development! JavaScript is now one of the most popular languages on the web and the term has been trademarked by Oracle Corporation. In the early days, Microsoft's implementation of the language was JScript. [more...]

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