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HTML guide – Logical Tags

HTML guide - Logical Tags

There are 9 logical tags each requiring a closing tag:

  • <STRONG> Strong:   I am strong
  • <EM> Emphasis:   I am emphasized
  • <ABBR> Abbreviation:   I am abbreviated
  • <CITE> Citation:   Citation
  • <CODE> Code:   I am programming code
  • <DFN> Definition:   Definition
  • <KBD> Keyboard:   Quite like keyboard strokes
  • <SAMP> Sample:   Sample
  • <VAR> Programming Variable:   Programming Variable

Like the physical level tags, these tags can be nested. So:

<STRONG><EM>Some text</EM></STRONG>

will be displayed as:
Some text

Logical and Physical tags revisited

You would have noticed that <STRONG> and <EM> are displayed quite like <B> and <I> physical tags. But remember Logical tags do not control the display of text. It is up to the browser to render text enclosed between these tags.
For example, when a browser encounters text between <EM> and <EM> tags it understands that this text has to be accentuated somehow. So the text may be put in bold or in italics depending on the browser.

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