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Copy Hotmail email folders to the computer

Copy Hotmail email folders to the computer

How do I copy folders from my Hotmail email account to my desktop computer? I have folders that I do not want deleted, just want to store email folders.

With free POP access enabled on all Hotmail email accounts, one can quickly copy and store email on the local computer. This involves setting up the Hotmail account on a email client such as Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail or Microsoft Outlook (there are tens more like Mozilla Thunderbird).

Messages once downloaded to your computer, would be available even without an active internet connection – read advantages of email programs for details.

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Maintain a copy of Hotmail email on your computer with Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is the latest email client from Microsoft and is available for XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. To copy Hotmail email to your computer, the online account has to be set up in this program. When this is done, Windows Live Mail will connect to the server, download all Hotmail email and folders and store them on your machine.

FYI, Windows Live Mail is the default email program on Windows 7 and should come pre-installed on the operating system. Windows XP and Vista users can get Windows Live Mail for free; installation takes a few minutes and you can also add other accounts, such as Gmail, which enables you to collect email from different accounts at one place.

Please note that the Hotmail account configured in Windows Live Mail will be synchronized with the one online. Thus, deleting email from your computer will also delete them from the server. For step by step instructions and screenshots, refer Hotmail set up on Windows Live Mail.

By the way, you don’t need to use Windows Live Mail if you’re already on a different email client. Using the Hotmail POP settings (incoming and outgoing email server), you can add your account in the chosen program without any problem.

You may also like to read how to download Hotmail email.

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