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How do I change name on AOL email account?

Change name on AOL email account

This page has step by step instructions on changing the display name on an AOL email account. The instructions and the screenshots have been worked out on the AOL Standard webmail version, so if you are using the Basic or the Accessible version, please switch now – you’ll find the links at the bottom.

Please understand, this is not how to change the username of the AOL email address, but just your (actual) name that is displayed on the account. This is helpful for women, typically, who would change their last name after marriage.

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Modify the display name for your AOL email address

Do I need to explain why is it important for you to change the display name? Probably not! So I’ll spare you of that and dig right it. Please refer the screenshots if you have any doubts.

  • Load AOL Settings from Options menu
  • Make sure the Display Name check box is checked
  • Edit the Display Name
  • DIsplay name changed at the AOL email account
  • Click the Save Changes button
  1. Launch the web browser and point it to the AOL login page.
  2. Enter your username and password and sign in.
  3. Change the interface to “Standard” if you are using Basic or Accessible. The link is at the bottom of the page.
  4. Once in the Standard interface, click “Options” and select “Mail Settings” [Slide 1].
  5. The “General” section will be displayed [Slide 2].
  6. Move to the “Compose” section by clicking on the link [Slide 3].
  7. Locate the Display Name field [Slide 4].
  8. Type in your name [Slide 5] in the field.
    Though I advise putting in your actual name, you can have anything in this field such as your company name if this email account is used for business purposes.
  9. Scroll down and click the “Save Settings” button to confirm the modifications you have made [Slide 6].

That’s it! Your name will now be modified in the AOL account. To test this out, send an email to someone you know and confirm what appears in “From” field at their account.

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