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Recover lost password from Outlook Express

Recover lost password from Outlook Express

How many times have you kicked yourself for not noting the login details of an email account in a safe place? Email clients require you to enter the login and other details when you create an account. You would probably feed in information like the username, password, mail server details etc.

However, most of the times, the moment this information is entered, it is forgotten, or it might be written on a piece of paper that flies out of the window or lands in the waste paper basket.

Consider this scenario. You buy the latest (and thinnest) laptop in the market and are eager to start working on it. Like all of us, the first thing you would configure is the net connection and the second would be to download all emails to the new machine. But you feel lost because you don’t remember the login details of any of your email accounts which you have in your older (ancient to you) system.

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If you are a user of Outlook Express, help is at hand! There are programs which can help you recover the passwords and other details.

Outlook Express Password Recovery Master

The program automatically displays server types and addresses, user logins and passwords for all e-mail and newsgroups accounts stored by Outlook Express. In addition, the program shows the complete list of Outlook Express users together with their identity passwords.

Advanced Outlook Express Password Recovery

Advanced Outlook Express Password Recovery (or simply AOEPR) is a program to recover server name, login and password for all mail and news accounts in Microsoft Outlook Express, as well as passwords to “identities”. Passwords are recovered instantly, multilingual ones are supported. Works with all versions of Outlook Express.

Outlook Express Key

Outlook Express Key is a program to recover passwords for Outlook Express Identities using a state of the art password recovery engine – all files are unprotected instantly. Recovers passwords for Outlook Express e-mail accounts with all versions of Outlook Express supported.

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