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What is a Yahoo sign in seal? Is it imperative to create one for my account? If so, can I use my photo as the seal?
Harry D.

Yahoo sign in seal is a security measure meant to thwart phishing attacks (more on this below). But that’s not the only reason you should have one. You can also personalize the Yahoo login page by using your photo or the company logo as the sign in seal. Let me elaborate on these two points.

A personalized Yahoo account sign in seal - you can use a photo or a company logo

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Yahoo sign in seal to prevent phishing

Phishing (pronounced just like “fishing”) is a clever technique employed by swindlers to trick you into revealing personal or sensitive information such as login details. A phishing attack involves an email which acts as a bait and a fraudulent web site that is disguised to look like the original.

In case of Yahoo, fraudsters would send out millions of emails typically with disturbing subjects like “Your account has been compromised”, “You need to verify your account else it will be closed down” etc. The aim is to get your attention and force you to act quickly. Also, the messages are made to look like ones originating from the legitimate Yahoo! service and carry one or more cloaked web links (URLs) that point to the phishing web site – a fake site which is made to look like the actual Yahoo! login page.

Phishers hope that distressed recipients click on these links and reveal the login information (username and password) on the deceptive web site thus compromising their accounts and personal information. People regularly fall prey to such attacks and that is why the tricksters keep on at it.

A Yahoo sign in seal ensures that even if you click a web link from a phishing email, you will quickly realize that the web site that loads is not the original because it would be missing this seal.

Personalize the Yahoo login page with the sign in seal

A personalized Yahoo login page with my photograph being used as the sign in sealWith the sign in seal feature, you can give a nice personal touch to the Yahoo sign in page. For instance, you can quickly customize the page with your photo or the company logo. By the way, Yahoo! sign in seals can be either text or image. The image on the left shows how one can personalize the Yahoo! login page with a sign in seal created using a photograph.

Want to know more? Read how to create a Yahoo sign in seal on the Yahoo login page for details.

Some important points to remember:

And lastly. NO! it is not necessary to have a Yahoo sign in seal to use the email account. It is just a security measure to protect users against phishing attacks.

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