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Can you use Lightbox with AdSense?

Can you use Lightbox with AdSense?

Lightbox is a simple, unobstrusive script that showcases images by superimposing them on a web page. It’s easy to use and can be installed on standard web sites and blogs. Check out my post that showcases the illustrations of popular celebrities by Pablo Lobato to see how Lightbox works; click on a thumbnail to display the larger version of the image. However, I was hesitating in using Lightbox on the site because the web pages also have Google AdSense ads.

My doubts were not entirely unfounded. You see, Lightbox displays the larger version of the image over the page which blocks the content beneath it. Thus, the Lightbox image can potentially cover the underlying AdSense ads. And as per Google AdSense Program Policies: Google ads, search boxes or search results may not be: Obscured by elements on a page.

In fact, even if the large version of the image isn’t very big and doesn’t eclipse ads, simply using the default settings of Lightbox obscures the Adsense ads and other content because the page darkens.

Lightbox + AdSense allowed on web sites and blogs

Searching the web didn’t provide a definite answer to my question – Is Lightbox is allowed with AdSense? So I shot a quick email to my Google AdSense Representative. After reviewing the sample page I provided, the AdSense representative finally sent me good news.

Can you use Lightbox plugin with Google AdSense ads?

Yes, you can use Lightbox and Google AdSense ads together on a web page without any problem. One important thing though, AdSense ads cannot not be shown in the Lightbox pop-up!

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