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Pablo Lobato’s illustration of popular celebrities

Pablo Lobato's illustration of popular celebrities

I just love illustration and pop-art. Simple lines with blocks of one colors have a strange attraction for me. Pablo Lobato’s illustrations of famous celebrities (movie stars and musicians) are the coolest interpretations of this art form.

Pablo Lobato: Illustrations of famous celebrities

The artist has been brilliant with facial characteristics giving certain aspects more importance which leads to instant recognition; I mean, look at Snoop Dogg’s illustration – even my five year old could identify him immediately!

Woody Allen illustration

Shirley Maclaine illustration

Pee Wee Herman illustration

Susan Sarandon illustration

Morgan Freeman illustration

Jack Nicholson illustration

David Bowie illustration

Bob Marley illustration

Michael Jackson illustration

Lou Reed illustration

Bruce Springsteen illustration

Stevie Wonder illustration

Snoop Dogg illustration

Pink Floyd illustration

Bill Withers illustration

As Charley Parker wrote, Pablo… has an uncanny ability to distill the essence of a likeness out of starkly graphic geometric shapes.
The artist’s work has been featured in the New Yorker, Time, Rolling Stone magazine, Cosmopolitan German and many more. Pablo Lobato lives and works in Argentina.

Pablo first works on paper with a pencil, scans the sketches and then recreates it on Adobe Illustrator. Great work Mr. Lobato and we look forward to seeing more. Would love to have these as posters.

Wordpress web site of Pablo LobatoPablo Lobato photostream on Flickr

Below are the links to the ‘official’ web sites of the celebrities:

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