Windows Live Hotmail themes – new dynamic ones introduced

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Windows Live Hotmail is definitely listening to its users. I suppose many subscribers had shown an interest in customizing and personalizing their accounts with themes and, thus, we now have new ones made available including dynamic themes!

In the light of a fresh competitive initiative from Gmail who now allow users to create their own themes, Windows Live Hotmail doesn’t want to be left behind. They have introduced ten new themes, 6 of which are dynamic, meaning they change depending on the time of the day and the weather. Some old themes have also been renamed.

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How to customize and personalize Windows Live Hotmail account with themes?

The new themes available in Windows Live Hotmail from More themes optionWindows Live Hotmail themes are available under “Options“. Click on the link which displays a drop down menu with 8 themes. You can select one from this menu but I suggest you first check out all the themes available to you. Select “More themes” from the drop down which takes you to the Hotmail settings section.

New themes - standard and dynamic ones - in Windows Live Hotmail account

You’ll now be in the “Themes” page; click on the one you like and hit the “Save” button. You can always revert to your old theme or change to another one if you don’t like your present selection.

Here is the latest list of standard Windows Live Hotmail themes to personalize and customize your email account:

Dynamic Hotmail themes

Most of the new dynamic themes are cartoony and have line art.

Conclusion: It’s heartening to know that Windows Live Hotmail is taking proactive steps to better the user experience and (more importantly) listening to customer feedback. Making new themes available may not be such a big deal for some but it shows that the customers are being kept in mind. The next step to match (or better) Gmail is, obviously, a provision for creating your own themes.