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What is the best way to send bulk email? How can you create a self-destructive message which gets deleted once the recipient has read it? Is it possible to track email and actually know whether it has been read? What about having email sent at a later date? Get answers to these questions and find other interesting email tips on this page.

Use Bcc for bulk messaging

Use Bcc for bulk messagesA great use of Bcc comes to light when emailing a group of people. Put an alternate address of yours in the To field and all the rest (a group of contacts) in the Bcc field. This is an ideal way to send email flyers.

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Save yourself from spam – get temporary disposable email addresses

Get a disposable email addressNo need to give your actual email address on shady sites (the ones with those difficult-to-resist offers). Get a temporary email that lasts for 10 minutes (and more) at the 10minutemail.com service. Another related service is GuerrillaMail which provides addresses for 60 minutes.

Send huge files over email

Email large filesThere are tens of services through which you can actually send very large files over email. Most offer a free plan and sometimes don’t even require you to sign up for an account, which is ideal for the occasional user.

Verify an email address

Email address verificationNot able to send email successfully? Is the message bouncing back again and again? You need to verify the email address. The “technical” way to do this is to see if the account is responding correctly. Free Email Verifier provides a simple service through which you can validate an email address.

Self-destructive emails

Self destructive email messagesThrough DestructingMessage, a free service, you can send an email with a time bomb. The message will automatically be destroyed once the timer hits zero. This is a great way to ensure that the message is read only by the recipient and all the evidence is removed.

Email marketing

Email marketing and promotionUnless you have a dedicated server for this (most people don’t), it’s best to use a third party email service to send out regular newsletters, e-flyers or promotions. They are many such email marketing companies that offer reasonably priced plans which fit most budgets. Don’t depend on free services such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo! for this, as they may remove your account citing abuse.

Private and secure email account

Private email account for added securityHave you ever wished for a secure private email account? Want to send encrypted messages? Then Hushmail is the answer. Get a free email account or upgrade to their premium plan through which you also get great customer support.

Send email at a later date

Send email at a later dateServices like EmailFuture, Futureme and LetterMeLater let you send email to yourself or someone else at a later date. Simply compose your message and specify the date (and time) and just forget about it! A related service is Hit Me Later to which you can forward messages when you are too busy to address them immediately; the emails will be sent back to you later.

Organizing email messages

Organize email messagesIf you have tens of email accounts and find organizing messages tiring, OtherInbox offers a simple and effective solution to get hold on your online life. Messages are sorted automatically and you can even use the various customization options as per requirements.

Tracking email messages

Tracking your emailReadNotify provides a great solution for tracking email, knowing when the message was read, for how long and where the recipient was located, ensuring delivery and creating self-destructing email.

Stay hidden

Send anonymous email messageThrough Send-Email.org or SendAnonymousEmail you can dispatch anonymous messages to people. A helpful service when you cannot access your actual account or when the recipient has banned your address.

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