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Incredimail – set up Sky email address

Incredimail - set up Sky email address

I want to use Incredimail and Sky email. Do I have to install Outlook Express? Is it possible to set up Sky email on Incredimail instead?
Terence Milligan

Incredimail and Outlook Express are email programs that download and store messages on your computer; you can also compose and send emails from these programs. Another big advantage of using email programs is having messages available even without an internet connection which means you can take your laptop on a flight, for instance, and still be able to check all old emails. On this page I shall detail how to set up the Sky email address on Incredimail program.

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And no, you don’t need Outlook Express if you are happy with Incredimail – the two programs have the same functionality.

Sky email set up on Incredimail

To use your Sky email on Incredimail, you have to first enable POP. The Post Office Protocol (also referred to as POP3) is an email protocol with which the Incredimail program connects to the account for downloading messages. The first step, therefore, is to ensure that the Sky email account is POP enabled. Once this is done, we have to set up the Sky email address in Incredimail and here are the steps.

  1. Open Incredimail and go to “Tools” -> “Email accounts” -> “Add” -> “Other“.
  2. Type in your full Sky email address in both the email address and account ID fields.
  3. Provide the program with the Sky Incoming and Outgoing email servers:
    Incoming: pop.tools.sky.com
    Outgoing: smtp.tools.sky.com
  4. Now select the account and hit the “Properties” button.
  5. Put a checkmark for “My outgoing server requires authentication” under “Servers“.
  6. In the “Advanced” section, put 465 for the outgoing server port and activate SSL.
  7. The incoming email settings are fine, just check the SSL option which will make the port 995.

That’s it! You’ve successfully set up the Sky email address on Incredimail. By the way, for Windows 7 users, I suggest using Windows Live Mail because Outlook Express is missing on this operating system and cannot be installed.

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