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15 names of the @ (at-symbol) in different languages

Various names of the @ symbol in different languages

Names of the @ (at symbol) in 15 different languages of the world. The symbol, now made popular with its inclusion in the email address, has been in existence for hundreds of years. [more...]

10 interesting iPod facts

10 iPod Facts

10 interesting iPod facts for lovers of Apple's portable music player - why was the device invented, how was it named, what was it such a big hit and much more. [more...]

Most expensive domain names

Most expensive domain names

List of the most expensive domain names and the reasons why they were priced so. Also included are some interesting facts about these domain names. [more...]

Web site control and ownership

Copyright on website

Understanding web site control and ownership. Tips on how to stake your claim on the web site and control it the way you want to. [more...]

Change username – Is it possible?

How to change a username?

Change a username - only possible if it's allowed by the service else you would have to create a new account. [more...]

What is my I.P. address and location?

What is my IP Address

Learn how to find your IP address and location quickly and easily through free online services. [more...]

Other file formats on the web

Other file formats on the web

Different file formats that can be put or included on a web pages or web site. [more...]

How can I take a screen capture of a web site?

Screen capture of a web site

Taking a screen shot or capturing a screen of a web site using built in commands and programs. [more...]

Email Marketing services

Email Marketing services

The best email marketing services on the web. Send fancy formatted email newsletters to customers with ease and boost your sales. [more...]

Create web page heatmap

Create web page heatmap

Create a web page heatmap based on visitor eyetracking or mouse clicks. [more...]

Live Chat

Live Chat

Live chat hosting on web sites using these online services. [more...]

Free e-cards

Free e-cards

Send and download free e-cards from these online services. [more...]

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How do I view a deleted web page?
Is there a way to view a deleted web page - one that is no longer available? Yes there is and the solution is quite simple. [more...]


Google's name come from the word "Googol" which means a number followed by a hundred zeros. We have an entire post detailing how this came about of how this name came about. [more...]

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