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How can I take a screen capture of a web site?

Screen capture of a web site

There are times when you like to take a screen shot of a web site because you like the design or want to send information to a client. Whatever your reason might be, you don’t need a dedicated screen capture program for this simple job. It’s easy to do it from your keyboard.

Windows System

On Windows systems, hit your Print Screen key. This copies the screen and places it in your clipboard. Now open any image editor and click Edit – Paste. Save this new image in any format you want.
In order to capture only the active window (the window that has the focus), hit ALT + Print Screen.
You can use any image editor, Adobe PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, FireWorks or even Paint.
By the by, Paint Shop pro come along with a nifty screen capture utility found under Capture in the menu bar.

Macintosh System

On a Mac, hit Apple + Shift + 3.

Linux System

Linux systems usually come with a free screen capture utility. For example, you can find one under the KDE desktop.

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