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HTML tutorial frame – Frames part 2

HTML tutorial frame – Frames part 2

The important code of frames.html is presented again:

<FRAMESET COLS="20%, 80%">
   <FRAME SRC="menu.html">
   <FRAME SRC="main.html">

Now we’ll write the code for menu.html and main.html.

HTML code of menu.html page:


HTML code of main.html page:

<H1>Main Content</H1>

These two files are quite simple and do not require much explanation.

Now, click here to view frames.html. (Note: This launches another browser window)

frames.html displays the two frames with borders. We shall soon see how to remove this. But before that, right click on the pink colored frame and select View Frame Info (in Netscape) or Properties (in Internet Explorer). You shall find that the HTML document loaded in this is menu.html. Do the same for the right frame. Here you’ll find main.html.

If you have escaped all this without bruises, we’ll look at some important properties of <FRAMESET> tag in the next session.

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