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HTML frames – Inline Frames

HTML frames - Inline Frames

Inline Frames were introduced with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.0. They have since been taken up by the World Wide Web Consortium and are now a part of HTML 4.0 standard. Netscape (till version 4), however, does not display inline frames so you may have to load this page in Internet Explorer to see inline frames.

The procedure for including inline frames in documents is very similar to that for images (inline frames, however, have an ending tag) and carry some of the attributes of <IMG> tag.

The tag that places an inline frame is <IFRAME>. So of its attributes are.

  • SRC: A required attribute that takes the URL of a page as value and loads it in the frame.
  • ALIGN: aligns the inline frame with respect to other elements on the page. Values taken are ‘TOP’, ‘BOTTOM’, ‘MIDDLE’, ‘LEFT’ and ‘RIGHT’.
  • HEIGHT and WIDTH: Specifies the dimensions in pixels.
  • HSPACE and VSPACE: Specifies amount of horizontal and vertical space to be put around the inline frame. Value has to be a number that denotes pixels.
  • MARGINHEIGHT and MARGINWIDTH: Determines the amount of space in pixels between the left-right and top-bottom edges of the frame and its contents.
  • FRAMEBORDER: Value can be ‘1’ which puts a 3D border around the frame or ‘0’ which removes this border.
  • SCROLLING: A value of ‘YES’ forces the display of scrollbars. ‘NO’ removes scrollbars even if they are needed. ‘AUTO’ lets the browser decide on inclusion of scroll bars depending on the contents.
  • NORESIZE: Prevents users from resizing the frame.
  • NAME: Assigns a name to the frame so that it can be referred by it.

Now let us put an inline frame in this document.

Right click inside the frame to view its source.

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