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Get iPhone ringtones for free: Any song!

Get iPhone ringtones for free: Any song!

I’m pretty fond of my iPhone which I have owned for more than two years. My boys are crazy about it and have a ball playing the wonderful (and free/cheap, let’s not forget ‘money’) games and watching YouTube videos. getting a ringtone of choice on the iPhone for free (and legally) has always been quite a pain unlike my other mobile, Nokia 63i, in which one can set any song in the device as the ringtone.

Luckily I’ve been able to locate a stupendous resource (described below), with which you would be able to get iPhone ringtone from any song you like!

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Get iPhone ringtone from a YouTube video

Now we all know that virtually any song can be found on YouTube. I was even able to locate a rare live performance of a little known artist from my home town which; there were shown only on the local TV more than 3 decades back! Talk of the power and usefulness of the internet… WOW!

Get iPhone ring tone from YouTube videos - convert using tube2tone.com

Anyway, as long as you can find the song of choice on YouTube.com, you can get an iPhone ring tone of it in a few minutes. All you need to do is to go to Tube2tone.com, supply the URL of the YouTube video, let it load, play it, record the part you want as the ring tone, save it in iPhone format and Sync it with the device. No program to install – it all takes place on a web site.

And I’m going crazy with this -making iPhone ringtones of all my beloved songs. Here is a screenshot of the site with “How to be Dead” (Snow Patrol) loaded. There is also a full video tutorial on tube2tone.com which gives you step by step instructions on how to get the ring tone of your choice.

Making Snow Patrol's 'How To Be Dead' ring tone for the iPhone via tube2tone.com service

tube2tone.com also offers suggestions probably based on ringtones created by other users. For instance, when I tried to get a ringtone of the guitar intro of “Sweet Child of Mine” (Guns n Roses), I was shown two prerecorded ones – refer image below.

Prerecorded ringtones for your cellphone from tube2tone.com

Finally, you can make iPhone ringtones of songs you already have in iTunes. This doesn’t require you to load additional software. The iTunes program is all that you require. Please refer that link for details.

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