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Filter Windows Live Mail spam

Filter Windows Live Mail spam

My OS is XP. I am about to have Windows 7 installed. I’ve discovered Outlook Express will no longer be available. I have 5 email addresses; one with Tiscali, one with Electramail, three with Googlemail. At the moment, all incoming emails are bounced into Outlook Express; some being caught by my free spamfilter, SpamJab.
With Windows Live Mail, will I still be able to filter my incoming emails into one place now that Outlook Express has been discontinued?
If you have time to respond to my query, please explain in words of one syllable as I am an inexperienced computer user!
Flint Quoin

As Flint has correctly mentioned, there is no Outlook Express on Windows 7. Actually, there is no native email client on the latest operating system. Microsoft, however, recommend that people use Windows Live Mail.

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This new email program takes a little getting used to mainly because of the differences in the interface and the way emails are now organized and managed. But the functionality is very much the same as Outlook Express. And to filter Windows Live Mail spam you would most probably be able to use the same third party program/service.

Windows Live Mail has an inbuilt spam filter feature

An automated spam filter was sorely missing on Outlook Express. It was first introduced on Windows Mail (the email client on Windows Vista) and extended to Windows Live Mail. In fact, each email account one sets up in Windows Live Mail gets its own set of five folders which include the Junk e-mail folder – read more about this in how to use Windows Live Mail.

The automated spam filter on Windows Live Mail is, however, far from perfect. I would say, it’s kind of mediocre. So if you want to get rid of spam properly, you would need to use an external application or service.

The service Flint uses is spamjab.com, which, in my opinion, is excellent and lets you stop spam emails for free. Spamjab.com works on POP based email accounts. You need to provide it with the incoming POP server, username and password. It then connects to your email box and filters the spam messages. So if you use an email client such as Outlook Express, Windows Mail Vista, Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird, you can employ spamjab.com’s services.

FYI, all Gmail, Hotmail and AOL email accounts come with free POP as do those from most ISPs. But if you use Yahoo, you have to upgrade to Yahoo! Mail Plus costing $20 annually to enable POP on your account.

So will spamjab.com filter work on Windows Live Mail and remove spam? Yes it will!
Finally, if you are an experienced user, I suggest reading how to use the free Gmail spam filter.

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Your comments
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  • FlintQuoin on December 5th, 2009 10:37 am

    Thank you for this comprehensive reply. Apologies for delay in responding to you as it’s taken me many hours to try and re-configure Windows 7 to suit my use – and more money for expert help! SpamJab has disappeared (probably with wanted and unwanted mail) but I”m pleased to learn it will work with Windows 7. I’ll re-register with SpamJab and start again.
    I have to say I don’t like Windows Live Mail and have resorted to using Incredimail which has been easy for a novice like to me set up.
    There must be millions of happy Outlook Express users who are mightly displeased to discover Microsoft has chosen to discontinue it – unless, of course, you wish to pay £80 for Outlook – of which OE is just one element.
    Thanks again for your help.
    FlintQuoin ~ Norfolk, UK

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