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Scripts to create Site maps for your web site

Scripts to create Site maps for your web site

I have describe before how you can create a site map using the HTML Unordered list tag. However, if you prefer to automate the creation of the site map on your web site you can find several scripts and programs online.

The site map creation programs and scripts differ in features but all result in a good looking site map for your site.

Likno Software logoLikno’s AllWebMenus
AllWebMenus allows you to create site maps in HTML format, making your web sites search engine friendly!
You can choose among ready-made templates for the look of your site map and of course you can edit the produced HTML file with your favorite authoring tool to give it your own look and feel.
The best news is that this feature is FREE and no purchase of AllWebMenus is required!

SearchBlissSearchBliss Site Map Generator
Create a site map instantly and make your site surfer friendly and easier to navigate. You may also purchase your own with NO links back to SearchBliss and increase your website “stickiness” by offering this free resource to your own visitors!

Create SitemapFreeFind
FreeFind’s site map creator is integrated with their site search technology and can be used together with their search engine, or separately without the use of their search engine.

Sitemap 2.7sitemap
sitemap indexes all pages under the current directory and writes an HTML map page to standard output. The code looks for description information for each page in a meta `description’ header; if it doesn’t find one, the page is omitted from the index.

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